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Terrible front wheel slip/understeer

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Elwell, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Elwell


    I just got a G27 to improve my lap times and overall feel of the game but it seems the complete opposite is happening because of the front wheel slip/understeer i am experiencing. I have looked all over google for an answer to this and haven't found anything that really helps. I have tried multiple wheel settings that i have found on google and i have tried the no understeer FFB effect mod but still have the wheel slip.

    My Logitech Profiler settings are

    Overall Effects Strength - 100%
    Spring Effect Strength - 0%
    Damper Effect Strength - 0%

    Enable Centering Spring - Checked
    Center Spring Strength - 0%

    Use Special Steering Wheel Settings - Checked
    Report Combined Pedals - Not Checked

    Degrees Of Rotation - 240

    Use Special Game Settings - Checked
    Allow Game to Adjust Settings - Checked

    My Game Settings Are

    No understeer mod installed

    Vsync -

    Steering Deadzone - 1.00%
    Steering Saturation - 10%
    Steering Linearity - 15%
    Throttle Deadzone - 0%
    Throttle Saturation - 0%
    Brake Deadzone - 0%
    Brake Saturation - 0%

    Force Feedback Settings

    - On
    Environmental Effects - 10%
    Feedback Strength - 100%
    Wheel Weight - 20%

    I am running windows 8 and all drivers are updated. Please if anyone knows a solution to this problem please let me know.

  2. Lazarou


    First of all i would widen your degrees of rotation to 320, Here are my settings for the Logitech DFGT.

    Logitech Profiler specific game settings-

    Ticked use special device settings

    Overall effects 100%
    Spring effect 0%
    Damper 0%
    Unticked centering spring
    Centering spring 0%
    Ticked use special wheel settings
    Rotation 320 degrees
    Ticked use special game settings
    Ticked allow game to adjust

    In game settings are as follows-
    Force feedback options
    Feedback ON
    Environmental effects 40%
    Feedback strength 100%
    Wheel weight 0%

    Advanced wheel setting all 0% except
    Steering Deadzone 0.05%
    Throttle saturation 10%

    Brake saturation 0%

    Input device - wheel.
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  3. Elwell


    Wow Thank You so much that fixed it I tried your settings and its working great!!!!! I cant thank you enough
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  4. Lazarou


    No worries mate. Codemasters F1 games are a pain in the buttocks to get right. Glad I could help.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2014
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