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Terrain Trouble

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Maximark, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Hi my name is Max Speed, I am mostly a car painter but I am trying to learn BTB.
    Yes this is my first track and I am slowly working through things. Very slowly. lol

    I have a track layed out and i am trying to add terrain. It seems whenever and whichever way I try I always get terrain that towers over onto and around the track making impossible to drive. How do I get flat terrain that doesn't crowd onto or above the track. See attached picture.


    Thanks for anyones help


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  2. I had similar thing with terrain when I worked on other computer for a while with BTB (when my machine was under repair). Had no exact idea, maybe that pc was too slow/to weak to handle all operations - it seemed to be the only expalnation. Do you get the same thing after export?
    Try to get newest DirectX and .net Framework
    Also, try "click and drag" technique instead of creating all terrain at once.
  3. I find, when pulling terrain, it's best to only work in the top view window.
  4. It's odd because the bottom two views on your screenshot show the track towering over the terrain by 100 metres or so [if you're using the standard grid] so the terrain should be dropping away violently rather than towering over you. Maybe that's creating some odd effects? Have you raised the track at all?

    But where the enlarged hedge/grass texture facing you in the 3d view comes from I can't say. Can you post another view of the track backed out a bit so we can see more in the 3d view?
  5. Thanks for some help guys.
    I will look at some of the suggestions and post some results tomorrow.

  6. OK I started adding by click and drag and that seems to work