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Terrain Panels

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Lamda, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I have a big problem. terrain buildig have one big problem, therefor i make a picture:

    yellow: Thats what i want
    blue: automatic building by panels, locking good
    red: i add after using "add by panels" using "pull edges". choosing vertex is not easy, selected vertex will unselect when i change to "move", i can´t move more than one vertex. The handling is difficult. For correction ok, for add fast new polygone row it takes to much time.
    orange: the biggest problem, after add (without panels) at curve the polygones not following the direction of roadmesh. For a track with many curves it will takes to much time to use the correction for every curve separately.

    I didn´t found another way (?). Have anyone a solve for me with actual possibilities?

    I think the best solve is to integreate more than 4 automatic panels. Easy and fast. With drag n drop adding i can stop adding befor hairpins (and built there by other function). I don´t see any other problem.
    Is it possible to add 14 panels instead 4?

  2. I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but . .

    red: If you hold down the shift key after you change to 'Move' all the vertexes should remain selected so you can move them.

    orange: For corners you can use the 'Contract' setting in the Edge Pull - Numbers over 100 will make the polygons expand for outside of a corner, numbers under 100 will make them contract for the inside of a corner.

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  3. Ok, i checked it. you are right, with holding "shift" it´s possible to move all selected vertex, thanks for that information.

    The secound, work only for one curve with always same radius. all other (for example S curve ) will not right. for a circuit track, that is ok, there are not many corners and the track is smoth build (original too), there i can correct it so. but for open tracks, 8km and curves all 100m with different radius? you must build 80 kurves and correct 160 (right and left). Sometimes you have exponential curves..... you will need a half year only for a flat mesh.

  4. It's true, terrain always takes a long time, but 'good things come to those that wait' as my mother used to say! :snicker:

    Seriously, I've found the 'Contract' setting to be a big help after I figured out the way to use it.
  5. You better watch the btb-tutorials, Mr. Lamda!!! :amen:
  6. what do you say?
  7. The video in the link above shows a very good way to fill all types of Terrain situations especially between and around corners :good:
  8. I know how to do Terrain, the video doesn´t solve any of the panel problems.

  9. Ok, sorry that didn't help.
  10. I agree with that ! If we could choose to build automatically more than 4 panels it will give us much more freedom and other posibilities. Is this possible?
  11. this was asked many times, also by me, especially because in that way you can build very regular polygons, beyond making them quickly.
    I hope it is in Piddy's list, also because this was possible in previous versions and I don't understand why he limited it to 4 in v0.7.
  12. The way I solved it is to use first 4 panels, for example at 1,2,3,4 metres.
    Then, changing the value of the panels to 4,5,6,7 metres and adding to the same part of the track.
    I know, there is overlapping, but if you work then with max you can easily remove them! :th_Jttesur:
  13. ciao Delu: hmmmm.... and what about this: add 4 panels at 1,2,3,4, then other 4 at 4,5,6,7. Then you hide the first 4 panels and easily remove the long panels at 4m you put in the second round (select the poligons under terrain/materials). Then you autoweld the vertexes at 4m. Just an idea, then you can go on adding 3 panels each time like this.
  14. Mhhh...ciao Eno...should works...but...
    Erasing from the second panel the one at 4 metres will generate (IMHO) a "hole" between the 4 metres on the first panel group and the 5 metres on the second panel group.
    A fix should be
    First panels at 1,2,3,4 metres
    Second panels at 3,4,5,6 metres

    Then from the second delete the long panels at 3 metres...have to try mate...nice shot! :plus1:
    Hope it is useful for Lamda too...mate, have a check then we can meet on ICQ/MSN!

    EDIT: Confirm this method works, and it auto-merges the vertex :love2:
  15. i checked out and yes it works
    but i worked a little bit diffrent to you:
    first 4 panels i make same (1,3,5,7)
    than i add next 2 rows following steps:
    add 4 panels (5,7,9,13) and delete vertex between 5 and 7. now you can merge the first 4 panels with the new 2 on.
    for following panels do the same steps as last.

    you get a good mesh without holes and all the vertex match together.

    thanks for your great idea Delu77. Its a good workaround but it allways takes some more time .....


    edit: i should read first than write. at last idea you do the same as me :D
  16. Yes, you know we always think the same! :that:
    Still haven't tested if 0.8 (I have lost many posts) have increased the number of panels, but surely it will speed up the terrain levelling work:rotfl: