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Terrain missing in RBR after exporting project

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Hi, Ive been working on a project for the past while, In my terrain list on the "shape" tab there was 100 perhaps 1000`s of terrain areas.. these are created when you create terrain, and make fills..etc etc .. my project had become a little messy in terms of the look of the terrain. there was patches here and there using different textures (trying to the the right one).. each texture also had a blending texture onto it. To be honest ive no idea exactly what to do with this huge list of terrain areas, so today i decided to clean things up a little, because i want to re-texture my whole project starting from scratch.. but its very difficult doing it as it is since there is 1000s of terrain areas.
    Im not sure the best way to split terrain up in terms of texutes. Im a little confused about the "split terrain" button in the materials tab in the terrain dialog. When i want to split a section of terrain off so i can apply a differnt texture and or blend texture, i first select a lasso over the part of terrain using the lasso tool in the materials tab in the terrain dialog. the terrain becomes red.. I then click the spilt button, and split terrain. in the list a new terrain is listed. (am i doing this right?)...... anyway thats basicly what ive been doing, and my terrain is a patchwork of messy experiments..etc.. I wanted to select the whole terrain (using the lasso tool in the materials tab in the terrain dialog).. so I did, and once the whole mesh turned red I clicked split into a new terrain area button. I then went to the huge list and selected everything except the new terrain area i just made. I then pressed the "-" button and everything in the list dissapeared leaving my one chunk of terrain. I now can finally apply a texture to the whole thing.. (and as i go i will re-split the terrain upto different areas when need different textures in different areas) ... anyway.. after apply this one texture to the whole of my terrain i decided to export and test the new base texture. The export took unusually long.. but seemed to export ok. I loaded up rbr and on the rxplugin info (just as your loading a btb track). this error comes up:
    error.jpg ..

    And as soon as the track loads.. the road is there and everything else but the terrain is missing.

    Dose anyone know what I can do.. I cant leave my terrain the way it is with 1000`s of fills..etc etc its too difficult to apply textures.


    ps. will give someone my project file. I can give a before and after project.. perhaps someone can help
  2. Perhaps im thinking the whole mesh is too big as a merged mesh for the game or directx.. dunno... so i got the idea to do what i was explaining above. but this time instead of doing the whole terrain ill do it in quarters. But ive encountered another problem doing this. I cant seem to select the parts of the terrain i want because of bobs track builder's selection method.
    I will try to explain my best here.

    1. here is my whole project. I want to split this whole thing and make it 4 parts. Right now its a nightmare mess of 1000`s of fills and terrain areas (the left hand list)

    2. So i begin by clicking the Materials tab.. And now you can see and get an idea of what im trying to deal with. Just look at that patch work... how can I possibly apply textures to tiny patches like that... anyway.. so I click the lasso tool.

    3. So i have now selected one quarter of the terrain and with the lasso, and then i clicked the split terrain button right beside it. As you can now see at the bottom of my list is the new terrain., Everything ok so far.

    4. Now need to hide that new terrain area to make a new selection around other part of my project so i can make another large split. I need to hide it because I dont want to select parts of it again (if that makes sense)

    5. So i selected the whole list of 1000`s of terrain parts and clicked the "hide unselected".. I then use the lasso tool again to select another chunk of terrain. Ok so far, but here the problem coming

    6. As soon as i click the split terrain button the whole mesh turns red (selected) .. Now i know why its because ive selected them in the list.. but I need to select them otherwise i cant hide the part of terrain i already split.

    Have i discovered a fundamental bug in bobs track builder? or is there some other way of doing this?
  3. Hmm... I think the situation when some Terrain Area has one texture and it is blended with some another AND you accidentally blend some of these polygons with another texture - is not possible. I mean btb seems to accept it, but it can cause the errors you have... It is not a bug IMO, just the protection/warning is missing. And I see it's very easy to make a mistake like this with tons of areas you have... I had some errors like that before (missing parts of the terrain), then the solution was to split the disapearing parts again and reaply textures.
    So, I think you can merge the areas as you like, then check "hide unselected" and check all of youe Areas again if they are OK - just click the items one after another and observe if there are all polygons you wanted to merge...
    If it seems to be fine, reaply textures to all groups again. Everytime click "select all" button to be sure that BTB does what YOU want. He sometimes acts different ;)
    Maybe (I'm not sure even in 75%) some vertices from separated Areas are exactly at some XYZ points, but not merged? - this could be similar to "SColNodeEX::Split failed" error (while loading track) - depends on two road's shape sections at exactly the same place, or there's another similar sounding error connected with Walls (I forgot the rbr's message when it occurs).
    Finding this kind of mistakes could be hard since you have big terrain with many polygons - maybe you can also merge some more distant vertices/polygons to get better performance?
    And please think of areas that you never will drive/reach - they can be set as non-driveable and not-collidable - it will make less calculations later in the game and improve FPS. (and then you can draw really huge polygons when they are not-driveable - btb will not try to divide them during export).
  4. hehe, oh boy what a tangle ive got myself into here... of course the only person to blame here is me. I should have nailed down what textures i wanted before i started complicating the terrain. Now its like the back of my pc/tv corner.. an unfixable knot :p

    right well.. ill go through your advice and see if i can salvage this, if its going to be too much trouble ill just continue with the texturing i had before and try my best to fill in patches using single select.

    Yes... you mentioned something that is the main reason why i need to merge whole areas (that i didnt say in my first post).. that when you have a 2 texture blend on one area then a 2 texture blend on another area, when close.. to each other, painting one texture effects the other area (if you get me).. its a real head wrecker.. especially like me when youve got such complicated mesh.

    but ill get this project done, even if i have to "paint polygon by polygon" ;)

    btb, cant live with it, cant live without it :p


    ps.. what is the difference in merging terrain (using the merge button under the terrain list) and the "split into new terrain" button on the materials tab? ... they seem to do the same thing.
  5. I mean "merge" two or more areas from the terrain list. You can also "merge" two or more vertices. Then - maybe you had applied different textures to two or more areas, then you have merged their vertices, limiting the number of polygons? Then BTB rememberd the textures and blending... and got shocked ;)
    Then it's better to reaply testures and blending again - just in case.
  6. Yup, yea im going to stop development and clean this whole thing up doing merging... its going to take a while since ive so many areas and unfortunately they are not in list sequence, so ill have to search for tiny tiny areas out of 1000`s heh.. but eh.. i learnt a valuable lesson today... 1. keep terrain neat starting from an early stage, and 2. keep textures neat and relevant to specific areas of terrain (in terms of chunks of merged terrain)

    i guess ill have to push my track publishing back a day or two, but its no biggy :)