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Tracks Teretonga Park, NZ 0.9

Teretonga park ,NZ

  1. Terra21

    Premium Member

  2. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Many thanks, Terra21 for your 3 NZ tracks ...
    No time immediately to try them ... I won't miss leaving a review when done.

    NB: it gave me the idea to take my Michels' Diet Coke E30 on those tracks.
    Especially Teretonga of course. ;)
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  3. jaysm

    Premium Member

    Thanks for that. Great to see it get another reanimation. Took me over 3 hours out there getting track width and camber left, middle and right every 10 meters for the GPL beta, a long time ago now.

    jaysm (labratty)
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  4. Cool thanks! :thumbsup:

    Question: Does it have physical bump mesh for FFB (invisble road mesh with smaller noise bumps)? If not there is a good tutorial from LilSki how to add it. I can add the link if you need.
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