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Telltale Games' Game Of Thrones Episode 1

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darren Bentley, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Hey guys just wondering has anyone played Telltale Games' Game Of Thrones yet, if so what do you think, below is my written review plus some links to gameplay if you are interested :)
    This post obviously contains spoilers. Below is my review of the first episode plus a playlist for the videos I have uploaded to my channel which I would appreciate if you checked out. I hope you all enjoy the playlist is below :)

    Episode 1: Introduction

    Episode 2: Maggots In My Leg

    Episode 3: Tyrion In Kings Landing

    Episode 4: FINALE plus my choices.

    My review of the game is that the first episode of Game Of Thrones was a good introduction and was also a good way to introduce people to Game Of Thrones, why is it a good introduction, simple, people who have never watched Game Of Thrones or read the books wouldn't know that there is no safety for any of the characters and I feel that this game has done a good job of representing this.

    From the beginning you are thrown into a scenario of bloodshed and violence, this was the massacre that happened during the Red Wedding, you are already being forced to make decisions such as do you warn characters and help protect them or do you run and let them get slaughtered. This was a good way to start the game as it starts with a lot of flare and a lot of action which is very enjoyable.

    After this however the game begins to slow down and it really slows down, this isn't a problem for me because it still told a good story however I believe a lot of players would have been turned off by how slow it was becoming and it was like this for the majority of the rest of the episode, I feel this made episode one a lot weaker than it could have been however as I said it wasn't really a problem for me and I still enjoyed it, plus we got a see Tyrion Lannister which is always a positive.

    The last part of the episode things start to pick up again with the introduction of Ramsey, the final part where you are talking to Ramsey is probably my favourite part this is because you can really feel tension beginning to rise, this really made up for the slow middle part with an amazing ending. Overall I would rate episode one a 7/10, was pretty good but could have been amazing
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  2. I have uploaded episode 2 for your viewing pleasure enjoy :)
  3. The final part to game of Thrones has been uploaded and its interesting to see what my decisions have done
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I cant watch the videos as i want to avoid spoilers, many thanks anyway. One question tough:

    Is it explicit just like the TV series? Or more safe to use?