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Tell Us About Yourself!

Discussion in 'PS3 | Sunday Night Championship' started by Andrew Wood, May 9, 2014.

  1. We have had quite a shakeup of drivers in the past season, and we all seem to know about each other's driving styles on track, so lets make a thread to discuss what our lives are like off the track.

    We can have a bit of a discussion about each other's interests and such in this thread as well.

    I'll start . . .

    My name is Andrew, and I seem to be one of the younger guys in this league. At age 26, I have little real racing experience as I have done indoor karting for 4 years and have won 3 championships. This year, I plan to expand my horizons and try some more outdoor karting with some rentals, and see how I stack up against others. I am very competitive, but overall I just like to have a good time with it and I don't see myself getting in to anything that much more professional in my life.

    I live 1 hour north of NYC in a town called Lagrangeville, NY

    I work full time for a ship routing company, where we provide weather forecasts and route suggestions to cargo ships, tankers, container vessels, and some yachts worldwide. I graduated from a Maritime academy in 2009 with a 3rd mate's unlimited tonnage license but decided not to use it and stay shoreside. Luckily, I have blended my two passions (ships and weather) into a career that I am currently enjoying.

    I am a Ferrari and 'Nando fan for real F1 and am hoping they get their act together soon as right now they are looking a bit of a joke. I am anti-Vettel and am enjoying watching him suffer with a car that is not the greatest this year. Overall, I am a much bigger Indycar fan, where I cheer on Will Power (hence my #12 in this league)

    Joined SNC initially in S1 where I was just a midpacker and field-filler but had to drop out as work got in the way...rejoined midway through S4. and began running this league after Rich dropped it starting with S5. I have 8 total wins in this league to date, and runner up to Gareth last season.

    I am big in to staying fit so I work out 4-5 days a week, and like to be outdoors on a hike or playing disc golf when I can. Been looking to maybe try an intramural sport of some sort but I have to find the time as work keeps me pretty busy with long hours. I am a big microbrew fan, so I tend to spend 1 or 2 nights a week at a local sports bar with some friends indulging in some IPAs and catching the latest ball game that's on.

    I am currently single and enjoying life to the best I can before settling down. I live with a roommate whom I also work with and get along with really well, so that situation really helps me sock away a bit of money before investing in my own place to live. Luckily he is kind enough to stay off the internet when I do my league racing!

    That's all about me really ... lets hear about the rest of you's :)
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  2. I'm Gaz 32 but feel much younger and a two time SNC Champion.

    I work for the biggest Motorsport company pretty much in the world. I'm a racewere specialist. I kit out Race drivers from head to toe and have delt with some famouse drivers inc The Stig. We also deal with pretty much all the F1 teams you see on the TV and pretty much evey championship there is, worldwide.

    I do a lot of karting and owned a Gillard 010B kart, pretty quick machine, 75mph machine that will destroy your neck. I also compete in the ATL F1 charity kart race. 4 hour race against the mechanics from the F1 teams, all in there team gear, good for and very seriouse. 4th last year.

    I then decided to build a race car which is nearly complete and will have a race licence done by the end of the year. I will then be competing in the MSV Track Day Trophy Championship next year. I spend most my spare time at race circuits watching a lot of different championships. I pretty much live for Motorsport.

    I'm a massive Hamilton fan and it couldnt be going any better! I don't like Vettle but not many people do, has rucks of talent but he's very cocky.

    In 2011 I got though to the Uk Finals of GT Academy. Was 18th out of 800,000 people. Went to Brands Hatch for the finals but didn't quite make it.

    I have two kids which tends to halt my practice, just ask Andy.
    I have a nice home but need a bigger one to have my own games room so I can but a proper set up. Life is good but hoping to win the Euro Millions pretty soon.
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  3. My name Mathieu, I'm 21 years old. I live in the isolated French part of America which is the province of Quebec, in Canada, Montreal to be more precise. So yes my native language is French, this forum will be an opportunity for me to practice my English.

    I don't really know why and how I developed this interest for racing. I have absolutely no interest in cars, I just love to race! I'm a very competitive and perfectionist person, maybe that's why I love racing so much? I never had any form of racing experience, I wish I did karting when I was younger, but my parents weren’t interested in that.

    I'm not sure what to do with my life career; I'm finishing my baccalaureate in Marketing. But, I'm now considering getting a Ph.D in psychology. New passion I developed in the last couples of years. But, I don't know if I would be motivated enough for that 5+ years of University. I love to learn and read non-fiction books (business, psychology, personal growth).

    I'm currently starting a summer semester to finish more quickly my study. I also work in an ice hockey arena, which is an extremely popular sport where I live in. So yes, I play ice hockey, try to go skiing when I have the time and also play a lot of tennis during the summer. I still live in my parents home, I have no incentive from moving out, it is very near my university and I don't have a girlfriend for now.

    This is my first racing league, I love it, you guys are very competitive and push me to be better!
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  4. Here's a little bit about me but not too much as this online racing this is about some degree of anonymity right?

    Well, I'm Jeremy, 30 years old, married, and a baby girl on the way due late August. I speak two languages, English and Portuguese, my wife English and French, and I'm sure there's some bad english in there somewhere since I'm from the ghetto. My current line of work is accounting. Originally from Tampa, FL (i.e. the ghetto) where most of my family lives but I've been away for schooling the last 6 years and plan on moving back closer to home. I enjoy playing basketball when I have time, watching martial arts movies (kind of a Jackie Chan and Jet Li fan) and other genres as long as they're not too boring or too violent.

    Pretty much I enjoy doing anything that takes my mind off of the stresses of life (and when I was in school that too). I'm fairly unique in my family as I'm the only one into racing of any kind. I've followed Nascar, IndyCar or CART, and Formula 1 since I was at least 10 years old, but I never got into racing online or in leagues until a few years ago.

    In fact, I didn't buy a PS3 or a wheel until two weeks before F1 2011 came out and I joined a league straight away. I started racing with the Apex Racing League and gradually learned about driving with a wheel and racing online finishing 10th in my first season. The next season I won my first championship. From there I've leisurely raced in one or two leagues but lack of time for practice made it hard to get back to a level where I could compete at the front.

    League racing has become an outlet equal to basketball for me as I'm generally having a good time regardless of how I'm performing. I enjoy the interaction with other people, and other cultures. More importantly, I enjoy the challenge league racing brings as I have a need to be constantly challenged or I loose interest very quickly. So, I enjoy participating in leagues with quick, methodical drivers from around the world that challenge me intellectually to be creative in my race craft and setups in order to compete and win.

    I have a love for racing and I enjoy the excitement it brings into the room and more so when involved in an intense battle as the rush is awesome. My hope is to continue improving gradually and enjoy the competition.
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  5. Seems like that much of us want to stay as a stranger. I am always intrested and like to know new people. So about myself
    My name is Ihsan and i am 42 years old. Married and have a boy and girl. My son just started the uni and my lovely doughter will start it next year.
    My wife is a teacher and i work in the Turkish air force.
    I was doing motocross before but after an accident and staying in bed for 3 months i decided to make mountain bike which i like very much know. I also like to make sport like Andrew evrytime to stay fit. Just started to fotography which is fun and like it. But need to learn too much. Uhm thats what i can tell you from myself so far. Want to hear from the rest soon :)
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  6. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
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    My name is Ben and I'm an alcoholic
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  7. hello ben :p
  8. even though I'm not actually racing anymore i will share even if you don't give two craps about me :p

    My name is Jonathan and I'm 20 now (whoop fitting the bill to race in the league now :p ) Born and raised in Essex (and no I'm not in towie). Im currently on an apprenticeship in Ashford, Kent as an activity instructor, which is basically one of those people you will find and an outdoor activity/pursuits centres. Before that i was at uni in Bournemouth studying Sports Development and Coaching Science, but dropped out after one year.

    As for the motorsport side of things my family has always been into it. My uncle used to race mini's and my grandad and dad were mechanics for him. They partially raced in british touring cars before lack of money meant they couldn't.

    I have been watching motorsport since i can remember and then i started racing karts. Although we could only afford the bear minimum, having a kart that was 2 years older than everyone else's and only got new tyres every other race meeting we were still mid pack. However, in my first race weekend i had a massive crash. Some lunatic (who went on to win the championship the year after) decided to make a lunge for me on an almost flat out corner, hit my back wheel and flipped me over throwing me from the kart (so if you want people to know who you are... :p ). Anyway, a few years later i got to the national finals of the british schools karting championship only to muck up a lot.

    I started league racing about 2-3 weeks after i got a ps3 and only ever having one f1 game, f1 04. Had a really fun season with dean as my team mate, but since 3/4 of the way through that season i haven't been able to commit to a full season in any league. Looking forward to having a full season a some point and seeing where i can come, but what will be will be.

    Anyway thats enough crap about me, your turn.
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  9. Welcome ben, if this is your first time @RD you have to drink! :laugh:
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  10. hi, my names Robert, Ive been in a movie. Here is the intro.....
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  11. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: can i have your autograph?!?!?
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  12. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
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    Can I have your moustache :O_o::O_o::O_o::O_o::O_o::O_o:
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  13. How bout you quit lurking and tell us about yourself