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Tell me a story about getting pulled over.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Josh Kohler, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I just want to know about times you guys got pulled over by the police. Now I have been pulled over three times by the police and I have only had one warning and no tickets. Just tell me why you got pulled over, did you or did you not get a ticket, or if they let you go with a warning. I will tell you my story.

    My first time ever got pulled over was when I was 10 years old. I had a go-cart with a 5hp engine and loved to go fast. One day I decided to just go driving around on my go-cart on the dirt road. For a couple of hours I was having fun. I went back to my house to put gas in. I left my house went down the drive way, turned right and went 1/2 a mile. Well all of a sudden a cop is sitting on the shoulder of the road an flashed his lights at me and I stoped. He told me I was not suppost to be driving a go-cart on a public road. I told him this is not a public road because it was a dirt road and not to mention I seen 4-wheelers driving on that road all the time so why could I not drive on it. He told me to go home and stay off the road. So I told him to screw off and I ran. He chased me for 5 or 6 miles and I turned around. I started heading back to my house. I though I could out run him and get in my driveway so he could no see me. Problem was he had 295 more horsepower than I did. Well I ended up with cuffs on my hands and him taking me to my dad. My dad was not pissed after this and was accually proud of me. So thats my story. Thanks
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  2. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    I have been pulled over 4 times, I believe.

    Two were warnings and two were tickets.

    The partial reason we have speeding tickets with the exception of Germany, perhaps, is because many cops are underpaid and the more tickets they issue, the more cash they will have to put food on the table.

    Sorry to sort of divert the subject, but, I think 5 out of every 10 police officers are corrupt.
  3. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    same here, i've never been puled over, but in here the cops are always "hunting" tickets
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I have been pulled over once by a motorcycle cop (they are the worst :D). I was driving to my girlfriend at that time and was stuck in traffic in the middle of the city I live in and I decided to give her a quick call that I was running late.

    In The Netherlands you are not allowed to make a non-handsfree call in the car anymore but only when you are driving and at that time I stood still :))) so grabbed the phone and made the call.

    As we all know women don't stop talking once they are on the phone so the traffic jam started moving again with an amazing pace of 2 km/h so continued the call. The moment the speed went up to a massive 10 km/h I saw this copper in the other lane driving towards me so I quickly put the phone down to avoid getting a ticket but I already felt it was too late. In my mirrors I saw him taking the exit and entering my lane and at that moment the traffic was moving at decent pace so I remembered thinking what to do: 1) take the first right turn and then another turn and Ill loose him as he had at least 1km left to go. 2) step on the gas and get the hell out or 3) play stupid and just carry on.

    I decided to choose option 3 and carried on but in my rearview mirror he was coming. I think the guy really wanted to get me (criminal!!!) as he was accelerating fast (watch the little children dude) and moving through the traffic. After another km he overtook me and watched aside and gave me the sign (*#)(!@)#)*##!!!! damn you) to pull over at the nearest parking.

    Had to give my driverslicense and he took off his helmet. Of course a cop with a mustache (all motorcops have them) and start preaching how dangerous it was what I did. How I jeopardize the safety of the other people in traffic bla bla bla bla.

    I replied: just gimme the ticket so I can carry on. Wrong! Now part two of the preaching started if I really knew how dangerous it was to ride with one hand and bla bla boring bla bla. First I wanted to play smartass and say that I often simrace at high speeds with one hand and meanwhile chatting on Teamspeak and never crash but decided to bite my tongue and be smart :)

    Remarkably he ended with: My colleagues would have penalized you but not me (huh?) I will give you a warning and you can carry on.

    I LOL'ed and took off...
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  5. What, no stories to tell with that truck of yours there HIRO?
  6. whaw I Denmark the police give fines, I want tickets too, what are the tickets for? :p *bad joke*

    Well, on a more serious note, I've been pulled over only once, it was a couple of years ago, and back then I drove a van at night in a nearby town, and when a police car drove the opposite way, I for some reason said to myself, oh look a police car, and followed it in my rear veau mirror as it drove by, but then I saw it make a hasty U-turn and drove after me, I thought, ohh god! am I missing a light or something, cos I sure wassent speeding, it came up behind me and flashed it's lights and we parked at the side of the road, a police man came over and had a look at my drivers license and asked if I had been drinking, witch I haddent, and he let me drive on again, but damn that scared me I had my hart in my throat.

    And another story, I just avoided getting a parking ticket, after I had parked 2 hours at a paid parking lot without paying a fee, I came back to my car to find a parkinglotgivingtickettopeoplethatdontpaytheirparkingfee guy (don't know what it is called in english) standing next to it, and he said to me it was a paid parking lot, but I hadent noticed, cos there was no signs saying it was paid parking, but then he said If I was driving off now he wouldent give me a ticket, so I quickly drove off, and laughed all the way home :D
  7. I hate to say this Morten but I don't need pics on here I just want stories in type.
  8. I just wrote one ;)
  9. sorry I thought you where putting a image.
  10. np. :)

    I wanted to write a story but never got around doing it untill now
  11. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Lol! nope, been lucky! from April till today i've gone up against at least 50 different cars in the truck and in the near month that i've had the Mazda i've gone up against 6 cars and never been pulled over.(knock on wood)

    You all will be the first to know when i do get pulled over. It's bound to happen:roflmao:
  12. I got pulled over once because my friend thought it was good to drink while driving.
    I was drunk as hell but thought it might be best to have 4 eyes instead of 2 while he goes and gets whatever it is he wants to get.

    It ended up with us going in to the city, getting chased by 8 cop cars, me being bitten in the arm by a nazi german sheperd and a nasty wound i had to get re-bandaged every other day for 2 weeks.

    P.S. we weren´t really pulled over, we smashed the engine fasteners and right front suspension.
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  13. I've been pulled over 4 times (every time ticket). Twice for speeding, once for cutting of a police car, and once for not having my headlights on a day that was so sunny you couldn't event tell if the lights where on or not.
    On all ocasions i got a ticket.

    1)First time was just after i got my driving license.
    I was pretty happy and invited 2 of may highschool mates to go for a drive (we skipped school ).
    I was in my dad's car (Dacia 1310-look it up ) and was just driving around the city when at a intersection (half of it was in road-works) i didn't read the sign right and cut of a police car ( :roflmao: ). I knew right away that i did smth wrong just by the stunned look of the policeman (he couldn't believe what just happened).
    I didn't even wait for him signal me to pull over, i stopped and got out of the car waiting for him to come a give me my first ticked ( what a joy ). The first thing that he asked me was "Do you know what you did wrong?", ofc my reply was "aaa... nope ".

    4)The last time i got pulled over was a few months ago when i was just exiting my city at 83 km/h.
    I was in for a great surprise, since the last time i drove on that road they changed the speed limit from 90km/h to 70km/h so I got ticked without even knowing i broke the speed limit.
    The funny part is that after i got pulled over and handed out my papers to the policeman (driving license, ID card) he told me "Don't go anywhere", like it would drive off without my papers and with a police car on my tail, so I couldn't resist and asked him "Where can i go ?".
  14. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    I've been pulled over a a few times in my life.

    The first time was when I was 3 years old. Yes, three. I tried to race a cop on my big wheel and ended getting escorted home by the the officer.:mad:

    Another time I was supposed to pick my girl up at work and was running late because I was busy doing something fun. So I was speeding to get to her job so I would not be late. On my way their I drove past a cop that was sitting on a side street. I already knew I was going to get pulled over as I spotted him as I drove by. So he got me to the side of the road and asked if I know how fast I was going and I told him I had an idea. He then asked my why I was speeding so I proceeded to tell him the following.

    "I'm feeling very sick and I need to get to a bathroom before I **** myself.";)

    He then responded with the following as he stepped back from my car.

    "Carry on son, I **** myself once in the car it's not a good feeling.":roflmao:
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  15. A couple of more tales like that one Hampus & I might nearly tell some of my own!

    Oh, alright...brief 'facts' of last time....
    LAST time I was pulled over, I was chased for 44km's -all but 8k's of it were out of town & when in town I drove (nearly) within the speed limit.
    Once they finally turned their lights on (10 or 12K's into the chase), as the second car joined in, I actually thought to myself, "I wonder if I can blame this on playing NFS" & booted it.
    I was driving a (very heavily) worked 318 '68 Valiant Wayfarer utility that is now hidden in my parents chook shed so that it's not seized & destroyed by the police.
    Afterwards the highway patrol officer said he was doing 200kph catching me slowly, went around a bend & I was no longer to be seen.
    Every police car in town was involved & they called in another car from the next town.
    How did they get me?
    Those 2 extra officers were supposed to block a certain road on the other side of the forest but didn't fancy the paperwork, so hid down an overgrown track.
    That overgrown track was basically my driveway (1.5k's to go!) & I threw it into the scrub when I came over a cresting turn & was suddenly blinded by all the lights...(it was night time)
    What happened?
    After a lengthy court case several officers were demoted/disciplined for lying on the stand & (as far as I know) Im the only person here in Oz to be sent to rehab for driving...
    I have a horrendous driving record, Ive been in on remand several times & twice been locked up for it (1x3months & 1x9months), I 'should' get my license back in 2014 but probably won't until 2020 (lost it in '94), sim racing is my Methadone & talking about (real) driving is like drug talk for me...
    It's now over 10years later & if Im even asked for my name -such as when I had a break-in a few years back- I suddenly have coppers all over me asking about that night or telling me what a great time they had....
    I never tell them so did I!
    I drive plant equipment for a living (until recently) & Im allowed to build roads- last lot of driving I did was as part of a team building part of the mid-noth coast Pacific Highway upgrades, Im just not allowed to drive on it afterwards...
    If I was to ever meet the younger me that gave me such a bad record I'd beat me senseless, probably after I'd whipped my arse in a race 1st though! LoL
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  16. Damn, so I guess Ive killed another thread with that confession...?
  17. I don't think anyone can match it! :D
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  18. D'OH!
    I REALLY wasn't trying to 'out-do' anyone...
    Ive got a swag of being pulled-over stories ranging from my double leg amputee mate being told to get out of a car by an ignorant officer (after he told her that he can't wear a seatbelt as it rubbed against his nipple & distracted him from driving) to the time a mate crashed his car & when asked if he'd been drinking replied "Nah, Im *#%@! stunt-driver..."
    I just figured I'd share a brief version of my last experience with the boys in Blue as (hopefully) a deterrent to others that might figure like I did, "Well, Im boned -lets have some fun seeing if I can at least park my car at home & make these lads earn their donuts...."
  19. I have been pulled over more than i can think of.
    My top 3 must be: (although, i dont run in any)
    1) I personally was not doing anything wrong in this one (ok, i had a few beers, but thats not why they pulled me over). Being a young lad with a drivers licence i was often asked (used) to drive the opposite sex around. However this time the 2 girls both wanted the front seat, so i let them share it, leaving my buddy in the back seat. I got pulled over as it illegal to have 2 people on the front seat. Cop also told me all the dangers etc etc and asked me why they where both infront. Thats when the alchohol kicked in and my smart ass told him that the 2 girls thought my friend in the backseat was creepy. He just smilled and let me go on my way. Must have thought he does not have the energy for this.

    2) I got pulled over for speeding in a parking lot. Excuse: Did not know there was a speed limit in a huge parking lot at midnight.

    3) Got pulled over while taking a car up country for someone. Did not see the copper sit at the side of the road until it was way to late. This guy however ran into the road trying to stop me. This ended with my coming to a rally style stop (with the help of my handbrake) on the grass between the 2 directions.
    Once he stopped soiling himself he asked my to follow him so he could show me the speed on his radar.
    I was caught doing 180km/h in a 120km/h zone (it was on the N1, the longest and biggest highway in South Africa) and knew i was screwed. Before writting out the fine he asked me if i had anything for his "christmas box". Told him that i was to lazy to walk across the road to go fetch money in my car and that he can fine away. Think he was a bit shocked by this and eventually gave me a small fine. Nowdays, that speed would put me in jail. So i was lucky (still stupid though)

    All together i think i have had around 20 speeding fines. Now, i have a racing car where i can safely be a terror. Normal driving is a stock standard 1.4 Corsa utility which has no power and lets me plod along at well below speed limit. I too would slap the hell out of my younger self for being a total idiot.
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  20. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    Romania- pulled countless times for speeding from 120km/h - 210 km/h, licenses driver revoked 7 times - the cop at the office where i go pick up my license after 1/3 month bans says one time " i bet u drove more without a license then with one"

    then came truck driver days

    France - 141 km/h - highway downhill with my trusty Doina, Mercedes Actros 410 pistol cop on the bridge..damn,,i saw it,i also using the magnet on the truck....
    First peage colleagues of his stopped me- already "crazy,,,crazy etc..."bla bla bla...and i stared to go "annoying them" tell them i do not speak bloody french only english
    1. they are stupid and do not understand how trucks can go over 90km/h
    2. they checked my tahograf and i was on "pause" they did not understand how i got 140+ with truck on "pause/brake"
    3. called engineer to take a look,by then i removed the magnet and stayed and watch the fun as they scratched there heads for more then 4 hours,,,lifting my truck on jacks/ controlling cabin etc.. :)))

    finally after a year or so of trucking multiple speeding offenses in France got me banned for one year, but i still go to take a picture on their moto:))