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Misc Telemetry Application 3.1

Analyse telemetry data from F1 2014 (and other F1 201x games)

  1. Iko Rein submitted a new resource:

    Telemetry Application - Analyse telemetry data from F1 2014 (and other F1 201x games)

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  2. Thanks!
    I would it to work configurations!
  3. Can you elaborate more, what you would need? Keep in mind, that the tool is limited to the data coming out from game's telemetry feed, which is very limited.

  4. I don't speak very well english. I say I like the telemetry to have best performance or compare laps! ;)
  5. Hi Iko Rein, I would like to use this application, but it's unclear to me where I should install it + where should I put the "baseSettings.xml" file ? In the same location as the "Telemetry.jar" ?

    And just to confirm, the files from the "tracks" folder in your zip file, they have to be in "C\Steam\SteamApps\F1 2014\tracks", right ?

    Thank you in advance !!
  6. Check out the readme.txt. how to install this.

    In simplest form, just unzip all files from the .zip wherever you like (in my own case, they are in subdirectory under my Users directory). Then you can just start the application (if you have Java installed). So don't copy any files in to the game directory.

    To get the feed from the game, again check the readme.txt, how to enable the feed export from game's side.


    Edit: fixed some typos on the reply.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2014
  7. Okay ! Many thanks to you Iko !!
  8. vbabiy


    I am having issues, with the app crashing if I go in to full screen on windows 8.1. If I am in windowed mode it seems to be fine. Nothing shows up in the log.
  9. vbabiy


    Also if the game starts in full screen mode it seems to be fine till I go in to windowed mode and then back in to full screen.
  10. So you say, the telemetry app crashes, if you make it full screen on Windows 8.1. Does it happen when you get the data feed or immediately, when you start the tool?

    I don't have 8.1. so I need to rely on the data, I can get from you. Can you set up in the 'Options' => 'General settings' the 'log errors into errors.log file', save settings and then run the Telemetry app. (The file errors.log will be in the directory, where you have the Telemetry app). If it crashes again and you get something into the errors.log, just send that to me via pm.

  11. vbabiy


    Here is how I can repo it.
    1. Start the Telemetry app
    2. Start the game (in fullscreen)
    3. Start racing, I get telemetry data
    4. Alt Tab to windows
    5. Alt Tab back to game
    6. alt-enter to full screen the game
    7. Telemetry app Crashes
    1. Start Telemetry app
    2. Game starts in windowed mode
    3. alt-enter to fullscreen
    4. Telemetry app Crashes
    Here is my settings file: https://dpaste.de/HvM2

    The error log is empty (0 bytes)

    This is true if I click the jar from the explore or use java -jar, and I use the shell no extra output, just closed app.

    Is there a way to get more verbose logging from the app? Also is the app open source? I could try using it from source locally to see if I could debug why this is happening.
  12. vbabiy


    One other thing that I have noticed is that the Edit Setting UI is not saving data correctly. If I try to only enable one out connection, it will either enable both or disable both.
  13. I will send you a PM, so we can see, if we can sort this out.

    Does anyone else see this crash?

  14. I found a bug in the code for this. The change only happened in out_1 and both checkboxes displayed the out_1 value. The settings from settings.xml are used correctly, so workaround is to edit the settings.xml file directly.

  15. vbabiy


    Thanks that is what I have been doing
  16. If anyone else is having the issue, vbabiy found i.e. the telemetry application crashes when in the game you change between fullscreen and window mode, please note that it might be related on Java 8.
    The workaround (for the time being) is to use Java 7 to run the telemetry application.
  17. Hi, how do I edit the baseSettings.xml file?

    And also when I try to test the feed, command prompt tells me that it could not find or load main class f1_telemetry.F1FeedTester.
  18. baseSettings.xml can be edited with any text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++.

    For the testfeed, did you use the exact command below at the command line:
    java -classpath Telemetry.jar f1_telemetry.F1FeedTester

  19. Hi Iko!

    Thanks for this great app - it's really helping me to improve my times. However, I'm having a little trouble setting it up with my dual PC setup - it works great when I run it from my main machine, but I'm trying to get it to run from a second machine to minimise lag and maximise performance on the main sim PC.

    I'm using CMPS to send the data out to the second PC but I can't seem to get the feed running right in the Telemetry app. Is this even possible?

    Thanks again for your help.

  20. Dave,

    It could be that the CMPS does something to the telemetry stream. Have you tried in the Game's config file to direct the telemetryfeed directly to the other PC and bypassing the CMPS?