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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Misc Telemetry Application 4.1

Analyse telemetry data from F1 2015

  1. Iko Rein submitted a new resource:

    Telemetry Application - Analyse telemetry data from F1 2015

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  2. thanks mate
  3. just tried it, looking good, thanks
  4. looking god, i'll give a try. must be difficult to understand for a amateur.
  5. Well, it takes a bit time to get the hang of it.
    But I would start with the Telemetry tab, have only Throttle, Brake, Gear, Speed, Steer and TimeDiff graphs visible and put as RED LINE prev lap (= previous lap). Then you can see after each lap, e.g. how the braking (when, how much, how long) affected the TimeDiff a) at the end of turn and b) at the end of next straight. Soon you will start looking also at the point of braking, how you apply throttle, which gear you use on which turns. Then maybe add the Spin graph and inverse Corner Radius + G-forces to the mix as you gain more understanding, how these things are intermixed.
    RaceInfo is handy for just monitoring, how fast you go (at that point) compared to the all-time-fastest or the session-fastest lap and during races it helps you to monitor your
    fuel usage.
    Graphs let you see e.g. the friction circle of g-forces. This allows very advanced level of analysis of the data.
    Driver DNA let's you visually see per track, how consistent you are on your braking, throttle, gear etc.
    Then on the Map tab you can see, how consistent are you driving lines and compare them to the "optimal" racing line.

    A good reading for the graphs in Telemetry (based on real Monaco F1 data) is at the https://scarbsf1.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/telemetry-and-data-analysis-introduction/

    // Cheers
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  6. Sorry for noob question..
    Can I use this app with my android phone? If yes, the how can i do that? Because i don't understood about Embedded http server... Maybe example?
  7. I don't know, if you can run this tool directly on an Androind phone/tablet (I haven't tested it), but Java is supported on Androids.

    But you can enable the http server in the Telemetry Tool via the settings and you must also allow non-local connections. And you must know the IP address of the computer, where you run the Telemetry Tool. (You can find this e.g. via command prompt with 'ipconfig' command.)

    Then restart the Telemetry Tool and start F1 2015.

    If you used the default settings, then you can connect via your Android phone's web browser (Chrome?) using URL http://<the IP address of the computer running Telemetry Tool>:8002/phone, e.g. if the IP address is, then the URL is

    The phone view shows time + speed delta, G-forces friction circle and Revs, Throttle &Brake values. This can be handy, if you don't have multiple monitors or extra laptop, which you could use as "Telemetry data ascreen".

  8. Thanx, i had set up port forwarding on the router, disable antivirus, set up app as you say, and now all work fine.
  9. Iko, thanks, great work!

    Thanks to your Telemetry tool I was able to understand a lot of things, but also I tried to develop my own simple script, and thanks to Raw Data tab I was able to understand in which order data is received from F1 2015, it seems like it is different from previous versions.

    How do you detect/calculate skid?

    UPDATE: It seems like you calculate difference between wheel speed

    It is sad that Codemasters are not providing us with developer documentation and seems like it is tricky to detect on which circuit player is driving, I guess that you detect it by comparing pos from telemetry and track data somehow extracted from game, and if it's like 95% of points are on track surface - then it is that track? Something like that? If so, I don't get it how do you detect if it is raining or not.

    Also maybe easier way to detect track is compare lap distance, but still not sure if it is a good way to do this.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
  10. Yep, the data has changed from F1 2014 to F1 2015, there is new data and some old data, like revs values are different, than it was before.

    For the value, you see on the 'Telemetry tab' it is average from front wheel speeds compared to the speed. I could add there the skid per fron tyre, if people would like to have that.

    I haven't looked at that for long time. It might be time to revisit it, and to think in more thoroughly, what can be done with the data from the game, ie. if you could calculate lateral slip etc.

    I detect the track from the track length, in the game data there is field for that. I used to get the actual values (also for sector distance and gates) from the game files, but I haven't done that for F1 2015. When there is way to open the .erp files, I will do that.

    You cannot detect raining from the game data directly. You could check if the spin average on lower gears is higher than average (or some preset value), but then you would need to drive around before the detection could be made.

  11. Detecting track by track distance seems to be a good idea.

    Thanks a lot. I was experimenting with some real time telemetry data, and was able to plot some wheel speeds. The idea was to provide something like real time spotter for tire slip, but I thought that it might not make much sense, only if average slippery gets lesser, even so, this doesn't means faster, I think like assits do slip may increase only to some point and still can race fine, but then it is becomes more obvious, so I don't know, it's hard to say that it is some measure of driver skill improvement, because during practice people can try to reach limits.

    I also tried to plot csv data from your Telemetry Application, worked fine for me, to me plotting data on map is one of the easiest way to understand the data, I like Lap Comparison feature of your application
    figure_1.png Above line - throttle
    Below line - brake, then speed, then angle between points

    I would like to plot multiple trajectories for some corners, and compare time to see which lines are faster, allow for higher exit speed and etc. Optimal line may be good, but still I'm curious in difference in time per corner

    Speed histogram may also look interesting
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
  12. Is is sad to me that we can't detect if assists are on or not and car
  13. Yep, there is in the data stream one binary field, which tells you, if assist are on or not (0 or 1), but I am not saving that data to the files.
  14. Hmm nice, so if I got it right then if any of assists is enabled it sets to 1, that's nice
  15. Hi there, nice work!
    I want to ask if something like current lap or position in race can be added to the server..
    Is not possible change the code for the tablet page(for example)??
    Thank u, thank u!!
  16. Well, it depends how much you want to do this yourself. On the internal http-server there is /JSON/telemetrypacket, which exports the latest datapacket from the system. You could write your own 'tablet page' using that. See the user_defined.html for a simple example.

  17. I found more simple using ur application on a tablet and setting the game to send data directly to the tablet.. thank u for reply
  18. Interesting, on which tablet do you run the application? And how does it work?
  19. Sorry laptop pc..but i dont see any problem if tablet can run jar..
    in mygames/f1/config.xml u have to set udp to the ip address of laptop u want to use as telemetry..u can replace or simply add a new lines if u want telemetry on more device
  20. Amazing app, thank you.

    Can you enumerate the corners in track map at the bottom right of Telemetry tab? When my dad is racing I need to help him pointing the corners that he can improve, if it had numbers I just need to tell him the corner number. It would help a lot the comunication.

    Another thing thats happening to me: In Hungary track, the DRS sector 2 is not being shown in DRS Graph Line.

    Just some question:

    - Is there some way to run it on Android?
    - When I select Fastest Lap (BLUE) and Previous Lap (RED) I can see my TimeDiff, but when I go to garage the TimeDiff graph disappear. Is it normal?
    - Can I only see my lap times?
    - Whats the difference between "session fastest" and "fastest lap"?

    Thank you
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2015