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Telemetry analysis: A Racers Data Acquisition Triangle

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. After spending a months of racing practice (both simRacing and real tracking) trying to improve driving skill with just trail and error, I decided to try to use telemetry data in simRacing. In my 1st few hours of analysis, I was able to see my errors in braking start and stop, lack of trail braking time and wheel lockup. Now I have something to work on an measure improvement against.

    Last week I found a online video on this analysis subject by Roger Caddell National Training Manager at AiM Sports, LLC. Graham, Washington. I thought some people might interested in seeing what some basic telemetry analysis can do to help their driving and car setups if they like looking at plots and thinking about what they mean. Doing telemetry is not as easy as just driving the track but it shows up characteristics that you might never notice by just driving lap after lap. If you can not figure out why your lap times are to slow and not improving you might try telemetry analysis.

    The attached PDF includes text and images that is a summary of some of the material that Caddell discusses. Caddell allowed me to post few example images from his video. His video also shows the power of adding some simple math functions to create different ways at looking at your driving results. Most of these math functions are also supported in MoTeC, which I what I am using with GSC2013.

    The link to the full video is on the following web page:
    A Racers Data Acquisition Triangle
    The direct link to the video as of 3/30/2014:

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  2. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    highly interesting ! :geek:
    thanks for the link.. :thumbsup:
  3. I think one needs to just recognize what a good brake waveform looks like and be sure to check your wheel rotation as well. You looking for lockup even when you think you have the right brake pressure waveform. One needs to make sure your peak is not too high or held too long, or that your taper is too fast and is the trail correct to the specific corner.
    Sometimes you have to look deeper than the brake waveform even if the wheels dont lockup; maybe the wrong line or the car's set might be wrong due the to trail brake pressure taper.

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  4. The temperature of the brake were analyzed during braking ?
  5. Acti does not put out temp channels from AC. Would be interesting to see timp vs time
    across different points in the contact patch but I dont have it.
    I did run the tire temp app and alsway after 1 lap (in lap) the tire are up to racing temps in the mid 70s to 85s before the turns.