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Technology Preview - Time Attack - Top 30 Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Hampus Andersson, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. So... to kill some time i decided to make a Top 30 board for all RD members.
    To get your time official you need to make a post and post a screenshot/video of the time.

    Car - Lotus Elise SC
    Track - Magione

    edit: nevermind, people will never learn.
    Do not edit your own post telling me you have updated it with a new time, make a new post.

    1. 1.21.813 - William Levesque
    2. 1.21.942 - Martin Kroenke
    3. 1.22.203 - Luca Sodano
    4. 1.22.248 - Requiem84
    5. 1.22.272 - Luke Russell
    6. 1.22.320 - Tariq Gamil
    7. 1.22.434 - Aleksi Elomaa
    8. 1.22.482 - tHenOrthfACe
    9. 1.22.536 - Jan Coomans
    10. 1.22.536 - Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak
    11. 1.22.557 - 6e66o
    12. 1.22.563 - Hampus Andersson
    13. 1.22.602 - Graham Byford
    14. 1.22.647 - Maciej Dolinski
    15. 1.22.779 - Mitja Bonca
    16. 1.22.785 - TLiivo
    17. 1.22.824 - Pablo Lopez
    18. 1.22.872 - BaldApe
    19. 1.22.938 - nijeat
    20. 1.22.974 - Lee Ross
    21. 1.22.974 - Craig Booth
    22. 1.23.052 - Salajutsu
    23. 1.23.082 - Dino Paolini
    24. 1.23.145 - Marcel Pfister
    25. 1.23.199 - Tony Rickard
    26. 1.23.232 - JvMr
    27. 1.23.256 - Michael Hornbuckle
    28. 1.23.301 - Jack Sargent
    29. 1.23.304 - Maciej Dolinski (with aids)
    30. 1.23.310 - Manuel Darin
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  2. Ignore my time in that video. It was uploaded over 10 days ago that video. I will post another video on public release,i was only .1 behind Pablo on Skype the other night
  3. It´ll stay until you post a new one ;) it will be too empty otherwise :D
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  4. This could be cool except for the fact that during Pablo's fast lap he was only on track half the time....or at least what I consider the track; two tires at most on curbs, not two on curb and two on grass :p

    edit: I'm probably too anal about cutting...
    Is the TP fixed set or can you change amount of fuel, etc; I figure Ross can tell us if he's allowed.
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  5. AC has a built in system that tells you if you have cut or not.

    If you check Lee´s video he cuts the lap slightly at the end and his time is recorded as 00.000.000 and it turned red before he finished the lap.

    Edit: and i can garantuee you Pablo has not hit the talent-wall just yet ;)
  6. Didn't notice that Hampus, good eyes!!! Hope we all can register times in the next 10 days or so.
  7. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Luca Sodano 1.22.554
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  8. Looks like I will be shooting for a 24 or 25 lol (I'm slow and I know it)

    Isn't it like 1:30 in the morning Aris? I know we want the TP but you guys can sleep too :D
  9. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    It's 2:20 here... but if I go to sleep, you won't have any TP
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  10. I was thinking earlier hmm it's 12pm here in Melbourne Australia and its 2am in Italy so there is no chance I will be able to get the tp today unless it's released at 9am Italy time which means 7pm here so there's still a small chance I'll get it today. I'm working on the weekend so I'll miss out, all you lucky people that don't work on weekends, have a good one!
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  11. I've already stayed up many a night waiting on TP, looks like I might do it again!! Could tomorrow really be the day??
  12. A bit scruffy for the first few corners, bit here is what you get when you actually know how to drive a low-powered, momentum car :)

    EDIT: Regarding Pablo's lap:
    Pablo is an amazing F1 driver, and you can see that in the lines he used, somewhat expecting the downforce to help him... Problem is, there isn't any in that car ! :p
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  14. Yes, I was, sorry for the confusion :)
  15. AAAAH, preparing revenge! :p

    he took a line on T1 i never tried!, and shifted really good the weight on the slow chicane, will have a try today. nice lap!
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  16. I'm so jealous of you guys!!!
  17. Nice and tidy lap there, nice job.
  18. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    A question and suggestion. Is is possible to save the ghost file and then upload it here. It would be interesting to race against other drivers ghosts!
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  19. If it may help, try taking wider lines and later apexes to keep the momentum up, suits these kind of cars better :)
  20. Should also mention to maybe wait until you post a time, otherwise you might have 10 posts in 2 days with small increments of improvement.

    Best would be to wait one whole day then post your fastest time.
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