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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I am writing this post in order to comment or talk about the series and about what we (The Admins) would like to have from you (The Teams) in what comes to commitment. As you all are guessing I open this thread because of the last announce of Danielsson Motorsports Virtual leaving the series in the last days of the period between of the Blue and Black cup.

    We want you to know (probably you all already do) to know about the hughe effort and enthusiasm we put here, as the brutal amount of hours we spend happily on keeping everything brand new and up to date. Circuits updated with new curbs, new cameras, new loading screens. Briefings & logos, races threads at forum, race posters, incident threads, broadcast, broadcast preparation, highlights videos, track textures, and a big et cetera apart of the modding guys work. It is a profesional work, from an amateur and volunteer group.

    So, at least we should be able of expect some serious comitment from the teams, and if a team pays the license for a full year, the team should make an effort to complete the whole year, and then after the whole year has passed, if for any reasson they have lost interest or have any other reasson to leave, doors will be open but our plans will not be severed.

    We have survived to DHR and DMSv leaving (with his 2 "diferent & independent" teams each) in the last months, but that would have been traumatic for us if STC would have been in other situation. Of course I don´t want to put my finger on them as they have been very commited in the time they where with us and their team spokesman where really conscient of what STC was, with both Damian and John helping us in whatever was needed. The fact is not about the who, but about the how.

    I know the current teams are well commited to the series, and we are really gratefull. We really would like to have the same teams for a looong period so you know people well and the racing experience becomes better for everybody.

    I hope you understood what I was trying to say in my non native english, and I hope aswell you use this thread to express and comment about the matter.

    Cheers & thanks,
  2. People may have questioned AnE's commitment last year, and quite rightly some times, but I want you all to know that we are in it for the long haul. You have our commitment to the series in almost any way it is asked, there are some things I will never do.
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah it's very disappointing to see DMv and DHR leave - both very professional and fast teams which had a huge amount of input in the STC and they will be missed around these parts. Thankfully we have 4 new teams which can hopefully fill their shoes well.
    For RPM - STC is always our #1 priority, we practise,practise,practise,practise until we know we can't go any faster, and it's always a great feeling when it all goes well during the race. I think commitment was hard to go by after the troubled last season, where there were many bugs which caught some drivers out - it's always hard to find the will to practise for hours for a race that you mightn't finish by no fault of your own, but I commend you guys for putting in a MEGA effort into making it right again, which the test races have proven that the mod and tracks have been working well so far.

    I can't see RPM leaving STC in the near future, for us it's a great and professional league, but it also has the fun and enjoyment you can have with other teams which is a bonus and gives this league the edge over other leagues in my opinion.

    Thanks again to David and Xose for the mega effort, it would seem unfair if us and every other team didn't give the effort into this league which it deserves
  4. Thank aswell Eckhart, Andreas, Mikael, Vicent, Mark, John, and everybody who took some time posting news or helping keeping it up.

    @ Michael: To me comitment means appearing in an event with what you can, if you only can sign a driver, then a driver is enough, so you did the right thing, this is way better than not showing up during the seasson after joining, or leaving whenever you want without taking in consideration nothing more but your own interest. Obvisuly we expect all the teams to join every race with the 2 drivers, this is a team challenge in order to have full grids in all the events and all the teams have to make the effort.
  5. I know we are new and you don't even know a thing about us,but this is the reason for us to play,challenge,compete here!
    STC is a dream of every team i can say,and if that team have the chace to join STC,they will try with all they power to make a good impression,to be competitive and respectfull.In another way,Respect is all we need here to make it the best,speaking in gerneral!
    Now,MotorAG Motorsport promise you a full of comitment season,as now that the dream became true,we have to go with it untill the end!
    Thank you STC!
    Also i want to show my regardless for DMS'v and DHR teams wich i know that were very good,i watched a few live races from STC with them and there is no doubt that they were among the best and the most comitment teams,as for this retirement,i can't find anything else than a serious problem as excuse,wich surely it is. :D
    If SimRacing Team Challenge needs help from the participants,at least i want to help with all i can,so feel free to ask for it :)
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    There is only one team challenge, and we are not planning to move elsewhere :) Keep it up guys, I know from experience what a hell of a job you guys are doing here and especially behind the scenes.

    Respect to all the mrs. also for keeping up with you guys :thumb:
  7. I do know that BVM will struggle to get 2 drivers on the grid at some events simply because of date clashes, 8 or 9 of our drivers are also due to be driving in the RDHGP league which runs every second Thursday and since the STC does not follow a regular timetable as such then quite a few dates do clash.

  8. +1 on every count, well said Ross. Only we don't put in quite as many hours - I think. So far we face no problem at all filling two seats in any of the races if I read our internal sign up thread correctly. If worst comes to worst we rather shop for guest drivers here at RD than not show up with two players. Last season we had to run reserve once or twice, but that worked fine as well. We'll be there at least till the end of this season. My gut feeling tells me it will be the last season with this engine :)
  9. I am very sorry for the departure of the two teams DMSv and DHR, they were among the fastest teams and because they leave STC in the middle of the year, but I am sure that new teams that have joined our league will be good opponents too.
    Regarding the commitment of the COR Team, I say only that our best drivers are all involved in partecipation to STC champ and that our internal "COR championship" uses STC mod&tracks in order to better be ready to STC races involving not only STC drivers but also those racing in other league.
    The problems we had last season are related to the sim used not updated to today's needs and if next year we will have two new sim , as seems, I am sure STC will chose the best one and we will not have such problems any more.
    I can only thank Xosé and David for their great commitment to make STC a great league.
  10. Sad to see them leave. But great to see new faces.

    About Flatout, we are 100% committed. But i have to say last season and problems in general with EVO has turned some members of Flatout away from EVO. We discovered rFactor in the winter and then stuck with for our series it as it has so much to offer and no problems with disco and so on. Its not so easy to convince members to give it a new try.
    But we will see how it goes, if it starts up good then i don't see a problem. We look at this season as a transition to one with a new game without all the restrictions and bugs of EVO, so we will hang on and do our best as always. The mod is def a good one, and with everyone in the same car and the new faces, its going to be a interesting one.
  11. Yes I agree Tom, it will be quite interesting seasson.

    You are right Tom and Eckhart, this is (in what comes to the SIM) a transition seasson, and we will switch to rF2 possibly next seasson, as soon as it is available. For us it was a nightmare last Blue Cup. But we will keep on working and improving everything we can.
  12. It is a very good commitment messure systme to watch how often team spokesman visit the forum and how take care of their stuff.
  13. Can't wait for this new seasson of STC!!!

    We lost 2 of our best drivers but got 2 new in and we hope and aim for better results in this seasson also being last one with Simbin games. MotorAG Motorsport decided to continue this seasson and try harder and more serious to compete at high level.It will be harder because of the lesser time we have in real life but i promise we won't dissapiont you!
    I am here dedicated to the team and STC League more than ever. (hehe this was also my 900 post :D)
  14. That is the spirit David! Keep it on!
  15. Last year was our first season in the STC and this year we are there for sure. We could smell the podium last year and it smells great. So it will be no surprise that we are aiming for the podium this year :)
  16. Just one week ago... shame you can´t stay.
  17. I don't know what to say...i feel ****ty.Shame i can't stay i agree:(( At the begining we all talked and decided to go further in this season too but in a week i realised we can't do it anymore..people were having lack of time as i begin to have too in this part of the year:((...David and all of you guys i am very sorry.If there you can't find another team disponible to replace us i will make all my best to stay and run in the series,but with shame i say that i can't do it properly.I can't say anything more,it hurts,really:(
  18. Do not worry... but I was surprised for that contrast. Anyway, wish you the best and hope you are back soon.
  19. I know:( thank you very much.Wish you too good luck with the league and all have a nice season,with good and bad lucks:p
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