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TeamHRM: An up and coming Modding Group

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Hammie Stein, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Hammie Stein

    Hammie Stein

    Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Introducing a new modding team... TeamHRM.

    We are new to modding and learning as we go.
    What got us into modding was the acquisition of a mod that people have wanted finished that stalled a fair while ago now. We have picked up the ARSimulations 1997 V8 Supercar mod.Hammie Stein and Richard (JFF-Coleman) are the ones doing the models and textures. Between us we are figuring out 3DS MAX, and various other tools of the trade as we go. I (Hammie) is faster than we anticipated with 3DsMax so things are progressing along slowly. Richard has taken up all the skinning duties for the cars. He has been skinning cars for a few years now.

    We are both extremely excited to have picked up this mod. We have both been following it and were both seriously disappointed when it stopped. I (Hammie) got in touch with the ARSimulation project leader, Kyle Austin, and he was more than happy to let us take over the mod in a very primitive form a few months ago.

    There was a lot of work that had to go into the models to get them to even show up in game. With most of this being learned from Scratch.

    In it's current form, the VS Commodore has a body, wheels and primitive Interior in the spinner. It has a paintable body, wheels, towhook and bonnet pins. The car does run n track, but the physics and drivability are not that great as no work has been done in that area. The EL Falcon needs a lot of work to get it even close to the Commodore as of yet.
    We have decided for our sake to just use the VS and EL models. Older models were used during the 1997 period but we both agreed that the VS and EL were the way to go, as they were the most popular cars in the series at the time. Also the numbers of older models were so low it isn't feasible to make them. We acknowledge this isn't entirely accurate, but in doing this, the mod gets to the community quicker.

    We will stress again that we are new to modding and learning on the run. As such there will be no release date given other than next year. We are making this in our spare time and real life always comes first. So please do NOT ask us for a release date, as one is not known.

    We have a few beta testers sorted out already, and they will get the mod in due time. We are currently not looking for any others, but at a later date, more may be picked up.

    We are also negotiating (or will be) with a physics guru to help us on that front.

    Sounds are last on the list. We will worry about these when the time comes.

    At this moment in time, the mod will only be released for rFactor 1. Once it is completed, we may look at porting it over to other sims, but there is no plans for that at this point in time.

    We will endeavour to keep you updated on the progress of the mod. Hammie has made a forum that we will manage and I will also use these threads to keep you updated as well. Hammie will contact VirtualR and run the rFactorcentral.com page.

    Coming Soon: In Game Shots of the Commodore & Forum Link.

    Regards,Richard (JFF-Coleman)/Hammie

    TeamHRM Modding would like to Thank:

    Kyle Austin: Providing us with the mod, and letting us continue/complete his work.

    FlashQLD: Helping us out in our learning of 3DsMax. Without him, this would not be happening right now.
  2. Doug62


    Dose the 1998 season have a full field of VS & EL? or is that mixed as well?
    Doesn't matter I guess. Just a thought.
    You may fined that the models ones done could be easy to revert to a earlier or latter model. When the models changed in some years the difference was more just front and back small changes.
    Best of luck guy's.
  3. PaulH


    Good luck to your team, look forward to it..:thumbsup:
  4. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman

    1998 was the VS and EL. We picked up the 1997 mod. So thats what will be done first. I fully intend doing a 1998 add-on after the 1997 season is done and dusted and have had time to enjoy it.
  5. Kurt Stenberg

    Kurt Stenberg

    Best of luck guys.
  6. baconlord227


    would love to see this mod finished:thumbsup:
  7. mceci1


    I know its been a long time since this was announced, but the VS and EL could be done now, and down the track when there is more time the EB and other commodore could be done as an addon, then that way there is less pressure to get something out
  8. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman

    I just got the new files last night (NZT). So I can start my work in earnest.

    So stay tuned, this mod is most DEFINITLEY not dead. I'll add images as they become available/things get done.

    Thank you all for your patience and I promise some more info will come soon.

    I ask one thing of the community. If anyone had High Def pictures of the 1997 V8 Supercars Series can you please send them. I have plenty but some are terrible. I would greatly appreciate it.

    TeamHRM co-founder.