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Team Visor Textures v2

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Thimoty Decrans, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Great thanks!
  2. Thank you Thimothy
  3. Yes, you did it ! THX.:thumbsup:
  4. Was wondering how you use this? ... just some **** load of files I downloaded hehe :D
    Pretty please :$

  5. thats why there's a read me file included.
  6. lol... silly me, I actually opened upp the readme file but for some reason I missed the installation part haha.

  7. Thanks for Ver.2 update, Thimoty :) !
  8. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Can run on HD 6450 2 GB
  9. If it has dx11 support then yes,but i searched for it and it has got so you can try it.
  10. Does the folder "Visor Mod View" in the "F1 2012" folder, or include files from subfolders in the "cars" folder?
  11. Honestly folks, can't you read the "readme's"? Amazing.:rolleyes:
  12. Seriously you 'bleep', I am wondering the same. tried all sorts of combos but cannot see any difference to the blank visor LOL
  13. You are doing it wrong then. Simples "bleep"
  14. Just posting to say thank for making these, I found a program I can use on Mac to overlay an image on an active window so I can now make use of these. :D

    I did make a few slight changes to the one I am using, which is the Lotus one which was darken the helmet texture and blur it and blur the logo. I left the excellent visor with tear off bubbles unchaged.

    Thanks again! :thumbsup:
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  15. That's good news! :ninja:

    As for modifying, I finally found the way to do it in GIMP2 on windose to make the visors' field of view larger to my tastes. Using the nvidia plugin for dds files, just had to lock the alpha channel first, rectangularly selected the upmost part, then used the tools menu selection cutter option to make the selection zone adjust to the colored shape automatically, then moved it up vertically (care required to not move horizontally). Then did the same for the lowest part, and exported back the result in the visor.dds file.

    Thanks again to everybody here who made visors available! :geek: