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Team USF1 **WIP**

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by warok, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Here is my current work, roughly.

    Team USF1, arrives in 2009 under the same condition ( mosley ) as 3 others new team.

    Thus US team, base(basis) of the paint(painting) ( red white blue(bruise)), I think of credit note to avoid quoting(esteeming) him(it) kitsch with the US flag (it is not the team has johnny hallyday).

    As not bad team, I use a supplier as sponsor for paraitre seller in near new sponsor.
    BP is thus the " main sponsor " (Also use castrol as logo). The team brings big one visibility for a cost cutting
    The same principle as Forces India or Catherame, with their false sponsor.

    Strong AMC of series in very big sucked, dashes into the sponsoring, present on the back aileron and before and on the front of the pilot.
    Another sponsor on side and on the aileron before.
    Ab inbev contribution too a financial support. Present money different mark(stand out)

    I look for of the inpiration.
    All the part(party) in front of the pilot(driver) can be to modify (nose aileron etc.). The part(party) exchange can etre modify but less in depth.
    I do not want to affect(touch) arriere part(party) and driving hood.
    A compromise the red is to use in "band"("strip") as on the flag.

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  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Miller Lite, Budweiser as possibles sponsors instead of Stella perhaps?
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  3. Yeah I agree, think this would be more suitable to a US F1 team.
  4. Stella Artois :roflmao: J'aime / I like it :D
  5. nice warok can you post a complett team pack of this team please and replace hrt
  6. It's still WIP, so it'll take a while until there'll be anything to download.
  7. ah okay thanks matthew
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  8. Looks like the car was going to have a black nose ( about all you can make out about the car in the vid :p . It looks like it would be the finished painted nose though due to the logo being on it )

    Then again , maybe not :p
  9. The car is not painted.
    Yes, one of co-founder of YouTube was good one supports, but any becomes moldy the co-founder not having link anymore with YouTube.

    To modify Stella no problem.

    Hesitate not in posted your idea
  10. This gonna be a nice one ! Never actually saw the livery from USF1 :o I only know they didnt make it to the grid in 2010.
  11. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Looks nice!

    But there wasnt an official livery for them? Just your own interpretation?

    Anyway, i think, Youtube has sponsored them. Saw many pictures of Usf1 with youtube...

    Like this:

    I would add a youtube logo anywhere...
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  12. Wow Warok, very very nice, you put me to shame :cool:
  13. I absolutely want to avoid Macdonald, apple, Microsoft etc....
    It is about a small team, and Ab inbev remains the biggest sponsor.
    There are even 2 sponsors present on the car, which I do not know.
    No skin official.

    I was inspired by an artwork.
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  14. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Finally someone decides to do something other than the 2012 cars! Keep it up warok!
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  15. I mostly decide not to publish my work on the update 2012.

    I made other other fantasy because, for a member but did not want me to publish the car. (some pretty ridiculous WWE style) but then was really pretty
  16. nice, and i love the updated skin...
    hope i can make some to...
    but make a new hole team, it need a lot of time to spent...

    keep it up. :thumbsup:
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  17. Thank you, has all.
    The sponsors are exchangeable at will. (Group Ab inbev)
    I shall like(love) on all your had on this zone, I find that she does not get married enough to the rest.
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  18. Looking nice. It would be great to see this on the grid.
  19. any chance of uploading this?