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Team Presentations

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello guys,

    use this thread to make the presenatation of yor cars.

    If you grant us a good quality render of the car, we will show it in the first PSRTV show of the season.

  2. Nice car!

    Brings back those good old SSCA memories!
  3. Anyone can tell me where i can find the 3d model (or the 3d x-file) please?
  4. That ain't nice!!! That's effing bootiful!!! :D
  5. This is our Porsche:

    Render for PSRtv:

  6. Nice one :tits:
  7. Cool one! :woot2:

    But you have to change it and use the right numberplate Greg.

    The numberplate for the MOD cars are in the Skinning guide ZIP aswell, and remember you can´t modify the size of it.
  8. umm, the problem is that i have only a .zip named "STC addon" (with only the cars of the mod). I ask at my team spokeman...
  9. Look in the downloads section.

    There are 2 sub sections:

    1.- MOD: With the Addon Cars
    2.- SKINS: With all the necesary stuff for skinning as templates, numbeplates, etc.

    Look at the TBR Porsche and you will find the numberplate is in the correct size. Into the MOD Skining guide ZIP you will find the special numberplates for this cars.

    You can go to the STC downloads section and take it on your own Grégory.

    I hope it helps.
  10. Yes it's good now, i have edited my previous pictures with the new ones, hope i follow the regulation now :)
  11. Now is perfect.

    Great skins mate! :smile:
  12. Mmm, me like :thumb:
  13. Very cool one guys! :)
  14. Looks dangerouse :)
    Very nice Ben
  15. Some realy great looking cars here.
    Always loved black cars, so the BVM beemer is def cool :)
  16. i have added a download link with the screenshots of our Porsche :)
  17. Cool!
  18. ...and the render for PSRtv too :)
  19. I really like that beemer too!

    Wait till you see ours hehehe
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.