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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    use this thread to male the official presentations of your cars.

  2. Check the STC site for a sneak preview of TBR's new Corvette :wink:
  3. A pre version of the BFR BMW missing the numberplate. :wink:
  4. we went for style and change (last season's ride was a black Corvette (remember?)), big thx to Krister for the quick and perfect work
  5. Nice looking skins !

    A pure beast is also in preparation in the Project D factory, BE AFRAID :eek:
  6. BFR´s car is superb, as usual hats off Krister.

    Here a couple of previews of the TBR car:

  7. love it already. methinks we have some nice counterbalance to the four orange cars on the grid already. Btw, the best colour to offset orange is light blue (just a hint ...)
  8. :p very beautifull!!!
  9. Nice car there, BFR :)
  10. Brawn goes STC. :) Great looking car, love it!

    The BFR BMW is wonderful too, white and blue looks good on a Beemer.
  11. Some pic's of the BFR BMW's now with number and different banner and mirror colours.

    Attached Files:

  12. Looking great :)

    Our 2 Project D prototypes escaped from our factory and took the control of Magny-Cours by themselves :eek:

  14. Congratulations guys, BFR and PJD, superb skin work mates!

    @ Krister: Numberplates have to be bigger, more like in the PJD or TBR cars. It is important they are visible.

    @ Gregory: Remember to put diferent colours on banner and windows for each car.
  15. @Project D: gotta love it!

    @everyone: who's next? It's a bit like Advent in Germany, the four weeks before christmas, with little presents leading up to the big celebration :)
  16. I know, but we worked on the video before the new rule, and it's not a major problem for the vid, because 1 of our 2 car should stay like this :)
  17. Yes you are right. :)
  18. Fixed!
  19. Thanks Krister. :)
  20. The Black Rebels diferent coloured cars for next seasson:


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.