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team mate performance...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by georget_th25, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. in 2nd season @ carrer mode i am driving for ferrari and alonso's performance is very bad... in 1st season (sauber) alonso was very fast but now nothing... @ 3 race his positions was 6 - 17 - 13...
    has anyone notice the same (problem)?????
    sorry about my eng....:D:D:D
  2. When I drove for Red Bull in my 2nd season, Vettel did very poorly. He was always fast but got caught in the pits by the glitch. I suspect your problem is similar.

    Also, I noticed that while driving for one of the new teams, my teammate was always the slowest, even if this was not the case when I wasn't with the team. It might be that the game is trying to make it easier for us.
  3. my first season with lotus i was winning races while trulli was last or 17th at best, im hoping he improves this year cos i won the championship and got 2nd in the constructors
  4. honestly you need to up the difficulty instead of blaming trulli, you aren't supposed to win WCC or WDC, or come anywhere near winning it in the first season with lotus...if you made it so easy that you're winning them, then don't blame your teammate coz the teams are programmed so that trulli isn't going to come second after you every race.
  5. i know i see what your saying but if i stay with the team and develop with them and turn into a winning team will he always be at the back? if i want a good team mate will i have to join one of the top 3 teams and even then will they perform as good as they usually do?
  6. He's sulking - you won't let him be better than you. He was the same at McLaren when he drove for them and found young Hamilton was faster than him.
  7. very good point and you can up the difficulty as much as you want but it still wont change the fact that your team mate is programmed to be **** very valid and very true
  8. imo what op is experiencing is due to the fact that team performances change through seasons. in my first one, the red bulls were unbeatable and ferrari was head to head against mercedes fighting only for 3rd place in WCC (mclaren in 2nd). now in the second season, alonso is the championship leader and ferrari and red bull are very close in constructors. mclarens far behind. and now williams is running as bad as virgin and hrt, while it was mid-table in the first one.

    so i think the problem is not with alonso, but with ferrari's performance in op's current season. of course this is not so obvious when you're racing with the car, instead of a.i.

    anyway, 17th is still too much. probably a pit bug this time.
  9. My m8 won the world championship with lotus in his 1st year on expert level which shouldn`t be done at all. also ive been beaten by algersauri if thats how you spell it and petrov of all people in races. They finish where the game wants them too no matter how good your car is