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Team Match Corvette vs GTR @ Toronto - Wednesday May 15th 2013

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Stefan Woudenberg, May 9, 2013.

  1. GTR vs Vett.jpg

    Event Details
    Car: Corvette and Nissan GTR
    Track: Toronto
    Mod: RACEDEPARTMENT Club Mod Wk20
    Weather: Random
    Road condition: Green - Natural processing

    Time Schedule
    19:00 GMT - Practice
    19:30 GMT - Qualification
    19:40 GMT - Warm-up
    19:45 GMT - Race 2 x 20 laps

    Server and Teamspeak password: click here

    Event instructions.
    To join this event, you need to team up with another driver. This team may be any random combo. However, 1 of the team members will drive the Corvette, the other one the GTR.
    At the end, finishing times will be combined, and a winner will be determined.

    To determine the winners we will use the average laptimes for both. So, total race time will be divided by the number of laps driven. Then, the average time of both drivers, will be added. This will create a list of the fastest overall.

    Entry list:
    1. Stefan Woudenberg - Ian Franssen
    2. Matt Horst - David Gronvalls
    3. Team
    4. Team
    5. Team
    6. Team
    7. Team
    8. Team
    9. Team
    10. Team
    11. Team
    12. Team
    Drivers looking for a team mate:
  2. Ian (Corvette), Stefan team up?:)
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  3. Server is up! The 2 x 20 laps isn't set yet though!
  4. I want in, car doesn't matter
  5. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    I'm in and I'll take the GTR if possible.Team me up with whoever.
  6. Server is up again with new build cars, the week 20 mod is updated to version 1.1.
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  7. just did a couple of laps with vette to learn the track, great track to drive!
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  8. Sorry Petros Theodorou, I'm sitting out for a few weeks. Too many new tracks too soon. Want to play with some of the ones I've already got!

    Plus I'm using the 60's cars a lot right now. My Grand Prix Legends side coming out again...
  9. Unfrotunetely Stefan Woudenberg i am not gonna be able for the race tomorrow..Last minute project for uni ... pffff :s
  10. Seems like I am racing alone tonight?:confused:
  11. And where are/were you??? :O_o:
  12. Great event! I won my first one!!!!! Hahahahahahaha :D

    My first race was good I only touched the wall in the beginning and my steering wheel was 40 degrees of, but kept on driving as Matt choose the wrong tyres as there was a little rain at the beginning of the warm up. He started the race with rain tyres, but it stayed dry. He must had burned his tyres rapidly, which gave me victory. :D

    Second race... Great start cold tyres.... wrong gear into 1st turn... wall... damage pit 170+ seconds... drove laps... made a mistake... wall...(yes again)... 540 seconds damage... Came in last ... :D

    What a great track this is, many peeps really missed something good!

    Thanx to all the peeps who showed up! :thumbsup:
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  13. Am sure you are right! I can't race during the week :cry: and at the week end there is only the super fast open wheelers that I don't race:cry: . Any plans to swap this around? Or alternate?
  14. Hey Larry, there are no short term plans to swap things around or to alternate as I haven't heard plans about it. Not saying we won't in the future, but not discussed recently. When we will evaluate we will take you're request in account.