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Misc Team Lotus 98T 1986 / 2013 Season 0.9

Full Car Conversion from Classic / F1 2013

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Team Lotus 98T 1986 / 2013 Season Mod!!! - Full Car Conversion from Classic / F1 2013

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  2. Not usefull to get just one car from 80 into 2013 grid. But!!!!! this mod can be put has a guide. If someone have enough time to try to create a full 80 season ( replacing 2013 car). This guide will be usefull
  3. If you Agree this would be usefull ,,, Why disagree and give it a thumbs down I made this last week to see if it was possible and just kept it on my desktop I spent a couple of hours making it and ,,, Saw a few comments off people that they did not have the Classic content,,,
    So for a bit of funn I just thought that I would upload it ,, But I am quite happy to take it down I have all the cars so it makes no difference to me Just might get more people to download the Classics after they tried this Mod so its still a greater good for Codemasters and the Community;)
  4. 80s car are on the original edition :p just 90 are has a DLC pack ;)
  5. I Have not had the Chance to play the Game yet m8 ,,, I will not rest until I get the Tires like Project C.A.R.S But guess what I have Cracked it ,,, I Have spent a lot of my free time This week messing the Alpha Maps and Textures and Lighting a Number of things ,,, I must have watched tons of hours of replays on different tracks and different cars ,,, Watching the way the light reacts when on the straights and on the Corners ,, Down to the Shadows ,,,, I have created the Best Tire mod on Codemasters F1 Games to date!!!
    The Tires Look that realistic the Car looks fake anyway have a ganders at this picture I may upload,,,,,,,;) InGame they are Identical to Real life in a side/side overlay
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  6. Is KERS and DRS actually working? Or is it purely for the look?
  7. chianamik


    ...you are doing a fantastic job. ...you can create entire seasons with all cars by simply changing the skin..... you can create circuits with old sponsors :))))))
  8. Thanks!!;), this helped me a lot:coffee:
  9. Now I would love to use those tires! You planning to release?
  10. I Would be Happy to do another Version1.1 of my Ultimate Realism Mod m8 ,,, But I read a Comment ,, well a discussion the Other Day where people was saying that I make too may updates too often so they have stopped using my mods,,, But these Tires look that Awesome now I can not see people not using them when they Look as good as Real Life:)
    It has taken months of tweeking and Changing the settings but this is the Result:thumbsup:
    article-2414881-1BAD5118000005DC-304_634x358.jpg 2013-10-12_00008.jpg 2013-10-12_00009.jpg 2013-10-12_00010.jpg 2013-10-12_00005.jpg 2013-10-12_00006.jpg 2013-10-12_00007.jpg
  11. Then more fool them. I'll use mods by anyone if they can improve my playing experience regardless.

    If only one person used any of my work, that makes me happy :)

    Keep up the great work.:thumbsup:
  12. Do you want to Test these Tires out for me m8 ,,, I Have only got the Redbull ready at the Minute ?;)
  13. if Racedepartment asked me to Create a Full 1986 Season with the Lotus 98T For example Then I would ask ML To create me a Lotus 98T RD Skin and I would apply this to all the Cars in the Season but this is the Only way this mod would happen because its just too time consuming to me as I am now Still working on my New "Ultimate Realism Mod" v1.1 With not Realistic Tires all Cars,,, But with Real Tires all Cars 2013/ And Classic;)
  14. So do you have to create each cars tyres separately? I thought it would apply to all cars?

    I really think those tyres look amazing, please release it!?
  15. On it now m8 ,,,, Win1x1 Said he was not happy with the Tires glad I had is help they had a slight Green tinge in the Garage but I myself did not see this issue but its now solved and the tires look even better;)
  16. I will try something, try to make an other skin over the lotus... i will saw if its working, if yes may be a possibilities
  17. Is it possible to replace all of the modern cars with classic cars and hack your way into a classic car career mode? Also, is it possible to do this with the 90s cars? I bet if the AI difficulty is tuned down a notch the 90s cars could be more than competitive with the modern cars.

    I could genuinely see myself getting into F1 2013 if I got to drive the classic 90s cars in Career mode.