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Misc Team & Driver Names 2016 1.0

Team and Driver Names 2016

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Team & Driver Names 2016 - Team and Driver Names 2016

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  2. @thrashersfreak can you change sauber team name + eri, nas to Haas gro + gut and do a skin thx
  3. Thanks, but you can make the language even in Italian ?
  4. how I understand a nationality it is possible to change only in databace?
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  6. performance mod?
  7. I use this two:
    I prefer and I used the first link mods, but I think that all 2 mods have two problems:
    1.Ferrari isn't top as mercedes
    2.8th gears is difficult to use because the machine doesn't reach the revolutions to change(in Australian gp I never use except the DRS or in the slipstream to overtake and in Malaysia is the same praticaly. In China I used)

    I changed the file but I can't test the file before tonight
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  8. Which file are the flags to change? (if you know )
  9. it's database
  10. Immagine 1.1.1.png
    The bug is solved!!!
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  11. how do you edit the file itself?

    with which program?
  12. Hello guys. Could anybody change or make this mod for spanish language?
    Lots of people appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Will there come an update, with Max Verstappen for Red Bull instead of Daniil Kvyat and Kevin Magnussen with danish flag ?
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  14. flags is not possible to change, I can change Verstappen's and Kvyat's names but not the character graphics..sadly..
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  15. when will swap update be. can you change numbers on your cars
  16. looking forward to have kvyat in toro rosso and verstaphen in redbull, waiting patiently