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Team Caterham CT01

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by warok, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. thanks.;)
  2. Thanks Warok, AWESOME Effort :D

    And So it Begins......
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  3. Weeeeell, it doesn't have the same effect without the platypus nose :p
  4. Thank you, I am going to bring a maj at the end of the day which will treat(handle) the aileron before, the support(medium) of the aileron, logo CATERHAM and the part(party) before of the nose.
    The part(party) before of the bathtub and the numbers of the car
    Maj already is to make.
    I just appende to see if of the other photo arrive, to bring corrections.
  5. Team Caterham CT01 V1.2
    Position of logos: caterham, CNN, GE, 1malaysia, INTEL, APC
    Change of the yellow color
    Position and color of the numbers.
  6. thanks again.;)
  7. ;), still waiting for another photo
  8. Thanks!Great work!
  9. Team Caterham CT01 V1.31

    Modification of the logo Renault (driving hood and nose)
    Modification of the yellow and white band(strip) down at the bows


    Team Caterham CT01 V1.32
    Modification of the logo Renault (nose)
    see the first image
  10. once again, thanks.:)
  11. Great work Warok, if the real cars have that shape to the nose, is it even possible to change that with a mod in the game?
  12. The 1st image is the future car of caterham, formerly called Team Lotus.

    Many car will have typifies of nose and it is not regrettably possible to modify the 3D model

    I try to be the most reagent according to new photo and I also correct my forget / error
  13. Nevermind, we can wait until the new game for the new noses. First car unveiled and first car painted.....can't do better than that warok! Please keep it up, i for one appreciate it hugely!
  14. merci !
  15. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    Nice work !
    Thank you.
  16. thanx mate do you know how to add kers for Caterham????????
  17. No, sorry I did not see how to unlock the kers
  18. Kers can ulock if copy the folders "track" and "balanced" in lo1 folder from folder any car, that has a kers (for example wi1 or mc1, not vi1, lo1 and hr1). Of course files within a folder need renamed a lo1. But this have a one minus - Lotus will go as fast as the team from where you copied the folders
  19. Thanx mate i need this