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Team blazon: Force India or Sauber?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Pulga, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    I've got a question on teams in F1 2011.

    Which is better between Force India (where I am now) and Sauber?

    I'm not sure if after Interlagos I will receive excellent offer (for example McLaren, Renault ecc...) and so I should reason on every offer arrive to me.

    Thank's to all!!

    PS; I am at Abu Dhabi.
  2. This is very similar to a Q i had myself awhile back. heres an answer from Chris, i belive his name was:

    Williams and Force India are tiered just above the 3 new teams, but behind Sauber and Torro Rosso. Doesn't quite fit with real life but that's how it is.

    Tier 1 - McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari
    Tier 2 - Mercedes and Renault
    Tier 3 - Sauber and Torro Rosso
    Tier 4 - Force India and Williams
    Tier 5 - Lotus, Virgin and HRT.

    They will move about in season 2 and onwards though depending on your finishing position. For example NRS, if you stay with FI into season 2 then you will bump up to Tier 3 in place of Sauber or Torro Rosso (whoever did worse in season 1), and Sutil will be more competitive then. Same thing with Rubens for you tifosi.

    It might not be perfect, but hopefully if you understand it you can enjoy the game for what it is.

    Just so this post makes more sence to you, I was driving for Williams.
  3. Thank's a lot Veselko, now I know what is the best choose in the future ;)
  4. If Sauber beats Toro Rosso, then STR will swap places with your team, Fore India. I think for at least Season 2 you should stick with Force India, because you'll be Driver No. 1.