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Team Aqua Vista - Not just good at racing

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, May 12, 2010.

  1. Congrats Guys that's awesome!

    Anthony, did I mention part of the deal for you filling in this weekend is a main on the house for me next time i'm down in Sydney? :wink:

    On a seperate note, I just made the mistake of looking at the menu... Suddenly my dinner for tonight isn't looking to appetizing... :frown:
  2. Very cool article! Congratulations Anthony and Joe!

    And great picture of the brothers :doublethumb:
  3. Congratz guys, Lots of hard work, very well done!
  4. Yeah congrats guys & I'm sure the 5 star rating is something you're extremely proud of & no doubt it's well deserved. It's funny but Josh & I always used your setups you uploaded for F3000's Anthony. You were always the setup king for us & they always clicked with us.......little did we know you were running a restaurant at the same time.

    Skewered gnocchi and prawns FOR pResto?

    ^^ I corrected it for you :tongue:
  5. Our Iron Chef's from Downunder :thumb:
  6. Thank you very much guys :):) and thanks you Werner for putting up the links :):)

    you know now where to dine when you are here in sydney... :) free meal for the person who attend first..:).
  7. Im on my way for that free meal !
    Ill be hungry after such a long plane flight :)
  8. lol, that pResto gnocchi and prawns sounds good, i might use it to "garnish " my F1 setups with ... they could become better than now, like the f3000 one :wink:
  9. I didn't know what Aqua Vista was before I read this. Really cool that Anthony is the top chef there. Nice!

    Thx Werner for the links.
  10. Awesome guys!!!!

    Thank you for the link!!
  11. Don't thank me, I'm just proud to have done the skins for such famous brothers :thumbup:
  12. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Congatulations!!!....5 Stars....thats the cream of the cream,right there.If i will have the chance to go to Australia,i will get out from the airport,jump in a cab and yell...AQUA VISTA!!!!...please..:D.
    To achieve this its allmost impossible,but nothing was impossible for Anthony and Joe.
  13. lol, thanks Dinka,

    Your meal will be hot and ready to serve as soon you jump in the cab... "Singapore chilli crab on the menu":tongue:

    By the way... Werner is giving away 2 Mclaren cars with Aqua Vista skin with the free meal.. so hurry up before the offer ends :cool::D

  14. Huh? :eek: :roflol: