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Teach me! Manual gears

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Christopher Hunt, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I play on the ps3 version and have just started to use no assists n manual gears, let's just say I'm rather bad lmao. I spin quite abit but can usually save myself from spinning totally n can keep going. I need tonknow breaking points and well a really need help.
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Its all practice practice practice. Only you will find out what breaking points are comfortable to you.
  3. Ok cool, just did a decent lap I guess 1:37.461.
  4. I play on PS3 with control pad an have recently turned TC off as well (no other assists on) an it is difficult. Im assuming that your using the control pad? if you do the best advice i can give you is, when i brake (for example shifting down from 7th to 2nd) brake hard and shift down 4 gears progressivley listen out for the revs to make sure your not down shifting too fast, as the car will be carrying too much speed and you'll spin, release the brake and do the final gear shift whilst not braking( i like my brake bias forwards, if you the same it takes a bit of practice). Turning off TC is much better so dont give up and keep practicing you'll be suprised how easy it is to master. If your using a wheel then what i have jus said is of no use to you, but steve scoops videos are of use wheather using wheel or control pad, check them out.
  5. Yeah I'm using pad mate, I still suck at this lol. Spinning iswhat I'm excelling at, I just can't get the hang of it and I'm really starting to get pissed off with it.
  6. It is a sharp learning curve. Steady on the accelerator, accelerating while turning is difficult and ease off the brakes as you slow down.
  7. Go really fast on the straight bits. Slow down for the turny bits. Drink Go Go Juice. [/information]
  8. @SSGGunter what are you using as your accelerator?
  9. @blakesoff r2 mate
  10. 'Remember to brake for the corners, Felipe'
  11. so SSGGunter you in the same boat as me then. right this is my advice, your problem is spinning but its a catch22 because in order to minimise spinning you need good corner exit speed so braking is paramount. See what you are most likely doing is (feel free to correct me if im wrong) dropping the revs too low an when you get back on the gas your revs are soo low that your get lots of wheel spin which is causing you to spin (also getting the steering wheel as str8 as possible is also key) . In your orginal post you mentioned braking, now braking is the what you should concentrate on. Because if you can master braking you carry enogh speed through the corner, the revs will stay high enough so when you pick them up again wheel spin is minimal so your are less prone to spin out. So in my opinion braking is the single most improtant thing, if you get it right it also allows you to get on the throttle earlier ( obviously controlling how much pressure you apply to the R3 button is significant.)
    So if you braking from 7th gear down to 2nd, brake hard, dropping 4 gears progressively (not too fast as you'll be carrying too much speed into the corner which will also cause the back end to step out) with the final down shift let off the brake and change gear just before you turn into the corner. I hope this will help you, give it a try and let me no how you get on.
  12. Actually during the Order of the Phoenix I thought your teaching was canny good.
  13. I dOnt use r3 mate, I uses the preset controls. I really can't get on with this braking malarky if I break to fast I spin, brake to slow I crash. I suck bad
  14. @SSGGunter, try using R3 it might be easier for your progression but then again it might not, it is all about preference, also if you dnt want to try using R3, if you dnt already have them there are these little things you can buy for your control pad to attach to the R2&L2 buttons. But dnt give up, keep practicing, practicing, practicing, trust me you will get it in the end and oh it is so satisfying when you do master it.
  15. Braking... I don't know what you mean, did you just make that word up or something?
  16. Spin when braking? I used to lock the rears all the time when downshifting quickly, trying spacing out the downshifts and move the brake bias forward a bit?
  17. Just brake full. But adjust how you shift between gears. When you down-shift very fast you almost got a guarantee that you'll spin. i always downshift fast but the last gear (1 higher then the one you will go the corner in with) I downshift slow.
    I'll upload a video what I mean with this.