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TCS Question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Justin Lindsay, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. So I have been weening myself off the driving assists for some time but have finally come around to the very the final assist. (I have for some time been driving without the racing line and without the use of ABS.) The Traction Control System (TCS), is however, a beast in and of itself. I will attest, as most will, that it is almost impossible to be competitive with all aids off using only the wireless controller. (I am playing on the XBOX360.) Good news is that I have a wheel/pedal set & while unfortunately it's not a Fanatec, I am happy with the MS wheel...as long as it keeps working properly.

    Digressing... I have heard the speech about how running with TCS off makes the car fast because it does not prevent power going to the wheel in instances where a traction control system would block power input from the driver to avoid what the computer might deem 'excessive' and cause the car to lose traction. In real life there is no argument for this, but I am not so sure of the difference in this game. It may just be that I'm still in my learning-curve developmental mode in regards to driving unassisted, but it who knows. There are a few regulars on here - moderators included, for which are on my friends list (XBL), and they can attest to the fact that I have decent lap times in time-trial without TCS & with TCS. But given that the vast majority of top times - on the XBOX at least - are with the TCS feature, I'm not so sure that it makes a better lap time. (For those ready to blast me for the "real F1" argument: I do believe that it is truer to the FIA rules governing Formula One for the 2010 season AND I believe whole-heartedly that it takes a much higher skill level to compete successfully without using traction control or any other driving assist.

    That being said; I have found that I decelerate much quicker when TCS is turned off. For example, in São Paulo, when I am approaching turn four, I brake hard to decelerate from 7th - down-shifting into 3rd gear for the turn. Obviously my top speed varies greatly on how well I exited the Senna S' and around curva do Sol, but generally I must begin braking about 15 meters or so before the 100m sign. Without using the TCS assist, I am able to maintain my top speed for a longer period - not needed to apply the brakes until just past the 100m sign - I'm guessing it's around 80m or so. Since the distance is so great, it caught my attention easily; first in Turkey, and now again at Interlagos. Is it just me or does deactivating the traction control system enable a shorter stopping distance - even at top-end speeds?
  2. first of all about TCS on and off.. there is this huge argument going on in codies forum too.. some say TCS on is better and some say TCS off is better.. in real life, according to Telemetry data, drivers were faster with the TCS on.. i guess is just simple, the computer can calculate much faster and give precise output than a manual system..
    But from personal experience in the game, i used to play with TCS on as i didnt have a wheel.. i posted decent lap times with TCS on, after getting used to driving with the wheel.. i switched to playing with TCS off.. once i learned to control the car, my lap times were better than before.. even if by few 100ths.. so for me, i guess its really a driver preference..

    and as for the part of decelerating.. manual shifting did make a huge difference.. which is obvious.. but downshifting quickly enough also helps in decelerating too..
    but never noticed if TCS had anything to do with it.. so i guess.. maybe i will give it a try tonight..
  3. It is not about the manual shifting. I've been driving a manual car since I was 16, so it is natural for me. In saying that it's funny - to me at least - that a few weeks a go I was playing and the right flappy-paddle shifter broke. I tried using the A,X,Y or B button on the wheel to up-shift & the down-shifting flappy paddle for downshifting but that felt very awkward. I then tried using a combination of A/Y, A/X, A/B,etc for up/down-shifting, but that too felt very unnatural & my hand placement felt a bit out of sorts when I was trying to shift gears while turning the wheel. So I thought that I would give automatic a try... that lasted all of about 2 turns. Obviously yelling at the screen because I wanted to downshift NOW was not going to help. I felt as though I was in a taxi because I had no control over the car in regards to what RPM range I wanted to be in.

    I'm not sure if there is a difference in using large/standard/small brake sizes or not, but I think it has something to do with the TCS - either way it doesn't matter much. If I stop quicker then great - if it's because of TCS, cool, if not, just the same. I was just curious if anyone else had noticed the same.
  4. I dont actually think theres much difference between TCS and Non TCS in terms of outright pace. As ive said before i think the key thing is that its easier to be consistantly quick with TCS unless you have practiced rigourously with no TCS. I really think that practice makes perfect with this game, at first i found having TCS off with pedals almost impossible but now its like second nature to me having to feather it out of corners.

    Each to their own but i just dont like aids as they make racing games feel a bit too arcadey. With both Forza3 and F12010 i just started the games with no aids from day 1, is amazing how quickly you pick it all up if chucked in at the deep end.
  5. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Totally agree with Chris here, you learn quick when shoved in the deep end, and so much more satisfying.
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Well, approaching a corner you can stop quicker without TCS, but on the exit you can get the power down earlier with it enabled.

    There's not much in I really, but there is far more satisfatcion in doing well without the help. It can also be frustrating - having TCS off in our club races last night, I lost 1st place in both races by over cooking it on corner exits. I'd be intrigued if the guy who won both had TCS on or off.

    Frustrating but also satisfying I managed 2 2nd places, having qualified 2nd for both, so happy with that.
  7. its absolutely a great feeling to have finished a race without assists.
    My first online race without Assists was a great feeling.. where i was wondering, how the hell would i manage to stay on track for 50% race distance with TCS off.. but i did just fine..
  8. Sorry to dissapoint but i dont use any aids. I do agree with you tho, its easy to spin on slower corner exits, done it numeous times! :)
  9. James Chant

    James Chant

    Thanks Chris. Not disappointing at all. The best man won.
  10. I don't want to get this off-track, but with Forza 3, you almost have to use ABS if you're using a pedal set because for some reason or another the brake is uber-sensitive. So much so that it cannot be decreased by simply lowering the sensitivity in-game.

    That being said I've already seen a very large improvement driving without TCS in F1 2010. I do think that it is one of the most difficult games for which to drive without the use of traction control, but for example when I am driving in Interlagos, it is now a rarity to be above 1:09 if the track is clear; (ie: no traffic,bad weather) and my tyres are good. I have also decided not to keep the tyre condition indicator up - the one that turns yellow/orange/red. As soon as it turns yellow and I see that it has, it affects my driving so bad that I spin out for no apparent reason other than that I think my tyres have gone to pot. Instead I just keep an eye on how many laps I've done and only look when that benchmark is approaching.
  11. I must say that i never used a steering wheel with Forza 3, just the joypad so wouldnt know about the brakes. I bought a Xbox 360 steering wheel esspecially for F1 2010. It was funny really as i thought the steering wheel and pedals were complete rubbish at first but then after a short while i acclimatised to it and now wouldnt have it any other way :)

    James - you were quick, im sure you will strike back! I was looking forward to battling with you before you had the spins.
  12. I've heard that Fanatec is much better and hopefully I'll be able to get one in the near future, but yeah, the MS one isn't bad when it isn't broken. It's cool that the pedals are actually 1:1 scale. Obviously it varies on car make/model, but the pedal sizes are about the same (brake pedal may actually be smaller), than that of my Civic. They are however, a bit too close together ... and missing the clutch pedal - my Civic has one of those. lol
  13. Yeh ive noticed theres no clutch, shame really not that i would be using it much in F12010 anyway tho.

    What breaks on the MS wheels? I dont play with force feedback as i found it annoying, will that help with its life expectancy?
  14. Naturally there is no need for a clutch pedal in F1 2010, but it'd be sweet for games like Forza.

    In regards to the MS wheel; the flappy paddle shifters are known to break.
  15. oh ******, thats not so good :) Will have to give it more respect!

    mod edit:watch the language please, we have people of all ages reading these posts.JC
  16. I'm on my second wheel. (MS). It works great but I think the right flappy paddle is out of socket. I'd take it apart and try to fix it, but I was worried I'd end up causing more harm than good. The same day I found one new in box for 45USD (£28), so I just bought it. The old one works fine if you want to use AXBY or something to change gears or if you drive an automatic, but I can't adjust to either of those, so I got myself a new one.