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TCL DTM 1986 Missing Skinpack

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rot Teufel, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Rot Teufel

    Rot Teufel

    10 additional missing skins for TCL mod to complete the 1986 DTM season. Thanks to intelpower for give me enough material for those skins.

    Disclaimer: due the lack of some photos (or scaled models) some teams will not have some minnow ads. I have used 1985 photos to close this gap.
    So apologies for all true replica livery fans, i can't made any perfect replica of those cars.

    Update 1.1

    Updated again Marko cars, adding roof ads and change some little things to have perfects replicas.

    Missing car:

    BMW 635 (no photos)
    - no 7 . Karl-Heinz Schäfer (Gubin Sport Star Team)


    #18 Fritz Müller


    #26 Roland Asch


    #28 Anton Goeser


    #13 Kurt König


    #40 Gallina


    #64 Peter Oberndorfer


    #19 Rolf Göring


    #05 Heinz-Friedrich Peil


    Marko RSM updated


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