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Tatuus Formula Abarth @ Magione

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by sagi avni, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Hello

    Can anyone share a set-up for the Formula Abarth at Magione?
    I'm struggling around 1:08:900 with no ability to improve.

  2. Here's mine. I can do 1:07's with it, so see how you go...

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  3. thanks
  4. Thanks, I will try it today
  5. Hi Coenwulf

    I tried your setup and I felt better than before.
    The only worry I have is my Max speed at the long strait - it is less than before.
    With your setup I can reach 200Km/h at the end of the strait, while it was about 210 before.

    Can you comment on this?

  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Top speed isn't relevant, your cornerspeeds and laptimes are.
  7. My setup must have a higher downforce setting than the one you were using before, which will lower top speed, but also allow you to go quicker through the turns.

    Also, i'm hitting 205km/h with it so, it looks like you need a cleaner/faster exit from the turn that leads onto the main straight. It's quite tricky to get right, but will make a difference.
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  8. Hi Coenwulf

    I finally manage to go down to 1:08:500 using your setup, but no more than that.
    Can you please share your replay video for me to study it?
    I'm sure my breaking is the problem. I'm locking wheels at the first two corners.

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  10. Many Thanks
    Will defiantly try it today
  11. amazing driving !!

    I do you handle braking with no locking?
  12. I brake VERY carefully :D

    It's something i've noticed with the formula abarth - the slightest touch on the brakes is quite enough. I get the same thing with the Lotus EXOS too.
  13. Hey Coenwulf - love your setups - we must share a similar driving style :D. Are you planning to share your setup pack again in this section? It was removed from the mods forum before I could grab it.
    edit: Actually, if the pack is a collection of setups you've posted in various thread, I probably have them all, ha.
  14. Hey Coenwulf

    I tried your new set-up and was really great.
    I didn't manage to improve my laptime record, but I manage keep the same laptime for most of the laps taken.

    Can I PLEASE ask you to add the Brake/Throttle bar to your video?
    I really want to learn the right braking pressure needed especially for the first two corners.
    I'm losing a lot of time there.

    Your support will be appreciated.
  15. I thought I was on to something putting it in the download section, but that's for mods only, which is fair enough. The pack itself was a .zip file containing something like 40+ setups and it won't let me post it here, so that's that :)
  16. You tube won't let you modify videos, i'd have to create a whole new one, we'll see. However, if your only concern if locking brakes, all you need to do is not push the pedal so far in those corners et voila! It might not feel quite right, but it works. :thumbsup:
  17. Hey Coenwulf
    Please can you send me your zip pack setup for Tatuus trough pm?
  18. Sure, just pm me (with your e:mail, of course) and i'll send them on.
  19. have you get my pm?
  20. Yes mate, it's on its way :thumbsup: