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Tatuus Formula Abarth @ Imola

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Galin Dimov, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    OK, lately, I've been spending more and more time with the Formula Abarth (I love single seaters) but I don't understand what am I doing wrong that I am so far off the pace. Obviously I am not the fastes out there (not even close) but today, I have been hotlapping for 5h straight at Imola and the best time I could get was 1:46:608. This is 6.3sec off the WR. I cannot understand how can this be possible? I tried with the default setup - way too much understeer so I am not even close to that so I have been "tweeking it" and got to a setup that I thought is "fast" but again, 6.3sec slower :confused:

    I looked on youtube and saw Atze Kerkhof lapping 01:41:144 The WR is his and it's even 1sec faster)

    I watched the video and I am even more confused - of course I don't have his skills but the places he is flat out, I cannot manage with all the setups I have tried so as good as his skills are looks like the right setup is also a big factor...or is it? I guess this what I am trying to find out - how much it's down to the setup so I know how rubbish I am basically :cautious:

    I am uploading the setup if someone is willing to try it and tell me if the setup is complete waste of time or I am :rolleyes:

    Also, if someone has achieved faster time (I am sure there are many) and is willing to share their setup so I try it and again try to figure out how much I am lacking the skills.

    Long post I know but I have to be honest, I am pretty fed up today. I spent 5h without any significant improvement and I am not sure for how long I can justify my time being spent like this..:thumbsdown:


    Update: after watching my own replays I noticed that I was turning in a bit too soon so was going wide on some exits and after few more laps, I managed to get it down to 1:45.316. Still, 5sec slower :confused:

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    What most aliens do better than normal people is using the max width of the track. Also as this is a low powered car try not to brake too hard so you maintain the pace, particularly in the corners.

    Will do an attempt with the Formula Abarth this week and see how far i come :) @Atze Kerkhof beware :D
  3. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Thanks Bram. I will be interested in your opinion of the setup :whistling:
  4. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    That's really quick but clearly exceeding track limits, add a second or so to that time.
    Even then it's a LOT quicker than me, I've just tried it and after 12 laps managed a 146.232, plenty to come off that but not too much!
    I prefer to drive these as if they were real, not the fastest way but the most realistic for me( only driven a formula silverstone at the silverstone Stowe circuit, managed a 1 minute flat on the day so was 2 secs faster than the next nearest time, also only 2 degrees temp on the day), I digress.....

    Setup is a huge part of driving these cars, in the end most drivers will be of similar (ish) ability, the cars make up the difference.

    Having said that, that's some setup.....1:40?
  5. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Yeah, obviously setup is very important (just like the real life) with bad setup and "undrivable" car even the best drivers will not be able to set the fastest time. The question is, in Assetto Corsa, how much is down to the setup and this is the frustrating part, if you are not good at setting the car properly there is no way to tell since everyone (or most) use a custom one. So when you are that far off (5sec in my case) should I keep on driving with the setup hoping that my skills are holding me back or a badly set car is? (identifyong the problem is half of the solution and this is the problem...I cannot pin point it)
    Having said that, for me will probably be a combination of the two - poor skills and "bad car" :D...but you get my point and this why started this thread - to be able to narrow down the reason for my lack of speed.
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  6. That 1.41.1 lap shows some horrendous corner extending. Hope the final game ends doing something about this. The first principle of racing is that every driver should be racing the same track. If each drivers drives his own track, where the purpose of racing?
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  7. The RSR App since after last upadte no longer validates laptimes with red light, meaning you almost always have to be within the white lines with two wheels.

    Atze did the 1:40 after the update thus he did not cut the track at all. Pretty ****ing impressive if you ask me. But Im no open wheeler expert, so Im 1.5 sec behind. There, thats my excuse!:barefoot:
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  8. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Yeah, I was actually going to say the same thing - with his current WR time, Atze has stayed within the track limits otherwise the laptime wouldn't be registered.

    @Joco - probably a naive question but did you manage 1.5sec off the pace with the standard setup? (minus fuel and tire preassure obviously)
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  9. RSR is not enough, the game itself must have defined track limits or every race could be a farse.
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  10. @Galin Dimov No, the default one is pretty sh**ty(which doesnt count for other cars, but Tattus defualt is bad).

    As long as the track is low to medium or moderate speed, ramp up those wing settings because you lose very little acceleration and top speed by higher aero.

    Ill post my set tomorrow, not at Pc right now.
  11. I don't know what setup was Atze using on his last hotlap, but at the time he made that video he was using the setup I attach below, so feel free to try. Then you can blame only to the driver if the differences are still big :D Personally my best time was a 1,40,9 (but that was on the first build, so laptime wasnt registered anywhere).

    Edit: for the OP, if you want help, you should better attach a replay, or upload a replay to youtube. When the differences are over 2 seconds, it's easy to spot the mistakes.

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  12. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

  13. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Here is my attempt at Imola [medio]5830[/medio]
  14. Well, the video is moving around like if you were drunk :D but basically you are not carrying enough speed into some corners. You can push the Formula Abarth much more, trust me!

    At T1 for example, you can brake more late and make the entry at mugh higher speeds, which will make you faster in the exit, giving an overall gain of time.

    At 0:23, same, you can make the entry at bigger speed, you start to slow down too early. The right exit seems better though.

    At 0:32, the hairpin, you can brake a bit later as well, and make sure the car is on the very inside on the apex before applying throttle on exit, you will have a straight line so better exit speed. Use 2nd gear there btw.

    At 0:55-58, same again, you can make those corners carrying more speed on entry.

    Chicane at 1:09, first you dont maximize the track width on entry, so you have to slow down more to make the chicane. In racing, you have to maximize the track as much as you can (read this), that means you can steer less and you can carry higher speeds. Try to attack more the kerbs, you can go faster over them (but I know those ones are particulary tricky).

    1:27, same thing about maximizing track width. Also downshifting a bit earlier would give you a bit more stopping power from the engine (higher revs). You miss a bit the entry also.

    And last suggestion, watch Atze's lap again carefully, especially the throttle and brake application (when does he start to brake, how much does he press the pedal, when does he accelerate, etc). That might help you to compare to your own inputs (forgot to say, it's that layout at the top of his screen, on the right side).
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  15. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    Hey Galin, you are still a little faster than me but I bet you'll find half a second at the hairpin!
    The approach needs to be from the far right hand side to maximise the radius of the turn which will increase speed and allow for an earlier throttle.... Win,win :)

    For me the difference is about half a second there, also I noticed that you aren't getting max revs down the straight?
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  16. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Thank you Dan andDavid. I will try to implement your suggestions and see where it gets me but it seems like I am just lacking the talent :cautious:

    @dan - as I mentioned, my setup is probably rubbish and I should adjust 6th gear to be 1 click shorter. I was more playing with the aero and the suspenssion to make the car feel right. I felt I got to that point but I am too slow sadly. As for the hairpin I've been trying both early and late apex and from my laptimes, early apex and wide on the exit was giving me better times...will try again your suggestion though, thanks :)

    @David - thank you very much for the detailed comment. I will look at it more in debth and will watch both videos (even side by side) to see if I can improve. Reading it though, it seems I have to work alot on my breaking and enrtry to the corners. As for the downshifting, I was actually quick downshifting and engine braking (as you suggested) and you can see a couple of videos with the gt2 and the 599 which are far from the fastest times but I've always been downshifting like this....before the Formula Abarth that is. Once I started driving it, I noticed that slow donshifts and carrying momentum was giving me better times so I adjusted...I guess I will have to re-think this one :)

    All in all, even though I have a wheel for 3 weeks and don't have much experience. If I've spent a couple of days running the same car on the same track and I am still 5sec slower than the the fastest guy, I am sadly lacking the talent so hard work can get me only that far...:thumbsdown:
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  17. @David Dominguez thatnk's so much, i only need to look at your motto to know this setup will be good :)

    & to others, @Atze Kerkhof has real life experience with a formula 3 car, he's bound to be faster than all of us, even @Greger Huttu :p
  18. This is a beautiful setup for Imola.. Thank you, was able to improve my time by almost 2 seconds. It is so forgiving on the curbs :)
  19. You just fixed Tosa and Acqua Minerale for me, braking and turning is "easy" now (i was always tip toeing there previously), i imagine something to do with the Toe settings(?).

    On my first run i improved my personal best by half a second.

    Edit: With 0.5 i went from 43.7 to struggling to get to 45...

    Top speed is worst and the brakes are a lot more sensitive.
    The car also fishtails a bit on the way out of Tosa, but that's not what's making me slower.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  20. CSP's are the key here....