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Tatra 613 (1979)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by francomk, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Almost three years are gone and we decided (finally :D ) to release our team project - czechoslovak full-size car Tatra 613.
    If you still have old public beta version somewhere, delete it completely!
    We would like to thank many people from Racer community, especially Cosmo°, Jabb, Foxo and many others. We would also like to thank to many owners of Tatra cars and enthusiasts.
    Car should run fine under racer 0.8.28 and newer, has completely reworked shaders(CG and Non-CG, reworked physics (thanks to Cosmo°), updated models and textures.
    5 body colors and 2 seat upholstery variants avalaible :cool:
    Comments and critics are welcomed! :welcome:

    Download link (version 1.0.1) :


    Technical data:
    -3.5 aircooled V8 engine(165 HP (+/- 5%) @5200 RPM / 265NM (+/- 5%) @ 2500RPM)
    -RR layout


    Some photos:


    Happy new year, have fun!

    francomk & papi
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It looks fabulous! I can't wait to test it :)
  3. Which tracks are these ?
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Wow.. tasty. It feels great, sounds great and looks great! Love it :)
  5. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hai franco,
    finaly you got it!
    I'm verry THX for this release!
    Verry well done work!
  6. The first two were taken on Polish Roads 2006 Stage 2, the next two on an undisclosed project and the last one on Speedest3.
  7. A romantic drive in a romantic car. Nice work :)

  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Undisclosed project looks very interesting..

    Lovely picture Luke :)
  9. 2o6


    This car is beautiful and well done. It's nice to see a new car that is a quality release, especially since RACER of late has been lacking in releases in general.
  10. I´m happy you all like our car. I think it was worth waiting for release for so long :)

    Here´s some old video footage with early versions of T613 (propagation movie). Notice engine sounds and handling characteristics :)

    (Footage with white T613 is from NAMI testing course in Russia :) )
  11. Thank you!!! I have sooooooooo much fun with this car :)! Great.
  12. Thanks. The track is a CG/MOD version of Eville_Rally_S1. Not really happy with it
    at the moment but when I get it "just right" I will release it. It's a good track.
    It also suits the Tatra very nicely.. same "mood"..
  13. Excellent attention to detail! :) I know the oil light coming on is due to oil starvation, in the real car does it only happen in one direction? Again exellent job.

    Did you want the bump mapping on the tires? If so I have it working now. You did a great tire texture too. :cool:

    Alex Forbin

    Attached Files:

  14. It´s not oil light, but low fuel warning light :) Tatra has 2 36litre tanks connected together, so it comes when fuel travels here and there :D
    Fuel sensor is placed in between , but more to one side, IIRC :)

    About bumpmapped wheels: Yes, I want them, your are looking really better :)


    P.S.: Is anybody having problems when running car with autoclutch off (both in Car.ini and racer.ini) ? I must still run on 0.8.28, because car won´t move, just stands still and engine can be revved ot the max even with gears shifted in :( Even when I´m not holding the clutch (clutch RAW control readout = 0%), ingame readout shows "clutch=100%".

    Everything´s right here, controller file, racer.ini, car.ini... So I don´t know, where´s the problem. When I have autoclutch turned on, cars are running fine (with autoclutch functions).
    It´s a bit annoying for me...

    Write technical replies for this problem here please:

  15. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Oh, yes, please Alex, it looks great!
  16. Haha, great details.

    I've posted the car.shd and the new normal maps (made from your original textures) here...
    http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racer-cars-72/tatra-tires-3967/ file size is around 5MB.

    Alex Forbin
  17. Thanks a lot! Looks really great! :)

    P.S.: Tire Textures and models are made by Jabb :)
  18. Beautiful release! I especially like the attention to detail you gave.
  19. Great work! I'm impressed by your project. I've never seen Tatra 613 live in Poland ( during the times of PRL that was one of the cars for VIP but nowadays they have BMWs and Mercedeses instead ). If you have so good posibilities let's try to make Skoda ( any model ). They are very popular in Poland, Skoda is the number one among car sellers.
  20. I have trouble getting the car to do an ai run. On carlswood copy the default.ini file and name it tatra_613 and it won't move.

    Otherwise a great model, great attention to detail, could use working wipers.