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tarmac textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mehlyfication, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm currently working on a track where I would need some special tarmac-textures. Something like the tarmac-textures from Pribram (user-created track for RBR) would be nice!

    Any idea where I can download a XPack which contains those textures (or similar textures)?
  2. Not so many tarmacs there, but maybe you like them.
    If you have RBR, you can extract tarmac textures from original tracks - all textures are inside .rbz files - you can open them by .7 zip extractor.
    Beware that using textures from other - new custom tracks needs permission from authors!
  3. Thank you for your help!

    But unfortunately it seems that only Kormoran-XPack has got one tarmac texture (more precisely: three tarmac textures that look very similar)? The rest of Kormoran's and WB-Road's track-textures are only gravel?

    I got another problem as well:
    When I use the tarmac-texture from Kormoran-XPack it is very pixelated (meaning that it looks like it would use a very very low resolution)?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. These textures are 256 pixels, so can be used on narrow roads. Yes, the rest are gravels - I wrote about not so many tarmacs there ;)

    Try textures from here:
    It's Haywood Club - XPack. Somebody can dowload it and upload to more convenient place? Thanks!
  5. Done: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks
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  6. Galleria . fi author in perpetue prison?