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Tarmac Setup Advice

Discussion in 'RBR Setups' started by Graham Bridgett, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. I'm just after some advice on tarmac setups.
    Dry,Damp or wet I'm suffering really bad under-steer in almost every type of corner, it feels like I have no control at all and I have absolutely no confidence to push.
  2. Might be more about your wheel Graham - what wheel do you have ?
  3. Logitech G25 set up with 360 degrees of rotation
  4. I don't do setups in RBR, and I'm not even close to a setup kind of guy, but here's a couple of things I'd try for tarmac (assuming it's similar to circuit racing cars)

    Stiff suspension, low ride height in general.
    If you want less understeer, the rear of the car needs to be stiffer than the front (increase rear springs and ARB).
    You can also try moving the brake balance more to the rear. That might get tricky though.

    Differentials I can't say much about, hopefully someone else will jump in.
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  5. one more thing i will add, the setups i'm using are the tarmac ones posted by Nigel Atkins.
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  7. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Also, a bit, or very basic. If you are understeering - you are going to fast.
  8. Are these the guidelines you are using?

    If so, these are pretty good from my experience.
    If you are getting understeering, it may be because of the balance between your wheel rotation and the max Steering lock (I don't know what setting you are using there).
    For a G25 with 360 deg rotation, you might need about 600 to 700 for the max Steering lock. It depends how much you like to throw the wheel. I don't like it too twitchy for tarmac, so I aim for more wheel rotation and higher steering lock.

    I find that on tarmac, the turn-in and grip often depends on driving technique, I have to drive very differently to gravel or snow. I need to have plenty of power on through the turns, it usually grips better than you expect on RBR. If I try to turn in whilst off the power, it understeers. So, I brake to desired speed for entry, then get on the power as soon as possible through the turn.

    If you are still having understeer, you may need to increase the rear ride height compared to the front, reduce the front AR bars, reduce the front suspension settings (mainly springs). I wouldn't recommend moving the brake bias too much to the rear on tarmac, it can make things very unstable, especially if you are trail braking or left foot braking.

    Sorry I don't have any experience with the URT, but it should be similar to the other Group N cars I have driven.
  9. Just to throw something else into the melting pot, I have also found that different camera positions/settings
    also appear to affect the way a car steers on corners, it's almost as if moving the camera changes the way you
    have to steer into a corner.

    I think if you want some constructive advice you will have to post the various settings you are using so the guys with
    the knowledge can best advise you.

    Edit: BTW I've also used diff settings to help with the handbraking on the tarmac stages - happy to share that with you - will dig them out later and post back.
  10. This is good stuff guys keep it coming.
    I kind of know my way around a suspension setup but diffs are a total mystery to me.
    I don't really like to have a lot of steering lock either, I use about 600 degrees in game.
    Pete: As for my camera position i just the standard RBR bumper cam.
  11. Perhaps the standard bumper cam position could benefit from some adjustment. If you take the settings from
    the pacenote plugin camera then you can put these into Rallyesims CarIniManager program for the car you are
    using - perhaps something for the next round ?

    Diff settings - if you open up the Differential Torque setting and change the Handbrake Release to something like 25%
    that appears to make it easier to handbrake on tarmac surfaces. Also you could play about with the front and rear diff
    settings if you wanted the car with a more equal balance between the diffs. Dont do things alltogether or you wont know
    which one is giving you the most benefit.
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  12. Essentil advice! Do one thing at a time and keep/save at least 2-3 previous setups so you can 'roll back' to one if you have gone too far in a wrong direction.
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  13. Good Point.

    But from what it sounds I'd check the Center Diff first. With some of the default set-ups the center diff is 100% locked on very low brake pedal pressure. So if he keeps on throttle the center is fully locked which makes the car pull a bit like a tractor as on cornering front and rear travel a different distance and speed. left foot braking (throttle and brake both presses) uses a different mapping though, so it gets more complicated...

    If that's it reduce the center diff torque first and see if that makes a difference :)

    But yeah... the other diffs especially at coast or low pedal pressure create a similar problem.
  14. I've got something im happy with now, so I will actually enter the rally now :)
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  15. thanks guys for some of these tarmac set up mmm quite a lot in it
    practice makes perfect:whistling:
    oh almost forgot cool site rd rox
  16. Just started with RSRBR2013, skipped 2012.. For me the biggest, well the only thing i've had to setup so far is the diff. It seems that the default diffs are oversteering quite a bit. Dropping rear diff and raising front stabilized the car to my liking.With default the car didn't want to stay straight at all, specially under braking minute steering actions caused spins. Oversteering out of the corners is not a problem but braking was a lottery.. I think i need to soften springs too..

    I have to try that 25% handbrake release, that don't function like it should on tarmac.

    Most of the setup settings are pretty clear to me, just need to find the limits.
  17. also change the brake setup
    front 9000
    rear 2000
    or somewhere around that , it helps stabilize the car under braking