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targa-florio_v.0.5a is out

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Shifterdog, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I found this on You tube....! If anyone interested. There are several downloads in different videos Example: 72 km Targa Florio run in a Ferrari 458 GT2 [Assetto Corsa]

    targa-florio_v.0.5a.rar is 190.9 MB
  2. Thanks for the tip.
    Does the track look good? Run well? AI works? Are there any glitches?
  3. No, yes, no idea, and a lot (including the entire background constantly flickering/disappearing as you go round).
  4. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Yeah, I tried it a week or two ago and it's close to being decent but some serious issues with the background scenery. It flickers a lot, sometimes parts of it suddenly disappear and then reappear, or there will just be a sudden break in it where it looks like they forgot to finish modeling that part. The track felt pretty decent and the nearby objects looked ok but after about 10 minutes the background issues became too distracting and I gave up.
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  5. You just saved me some valuable time. THanks
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  6. Not sure the game engine is ready for big tracks like this.
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  7. The track did look great in GPL, no doubt. Back then tracks usually were just a big old ribbon, with a flattish plane underneath, and a distant skybox, all of which combined to look great at the time. When it was converted over to rF1, a ton of work was put into fleshing it out and hiding a lot more of the "simplicity" of the original GPL construction (simplicity being a relative term, it was a truly monumental piece of work from some very talented guys).

    Now in the newer sims though, with much higher resolutions, DX11, etc the way the track is, simply looks too basic and simple. Considering the kind of guys we have now making the most astonishing tracks, fully built out into the distance, all beautifully texture mapped, TF now looks very, very old. Huge swathes of flat polys with one coloured obviously tiled grass, very angular surfaces and rectangular blocks for hedges. Massive holes in the scenery, and that big long ribbon of road floating off in the distance not attached to anything. The recent reduction that was made to the distance you could draw far objects in AC (probably to standardise things a bit more for the underpowered consoles) means that even the simplistic background mesh with the hills and mountains won`t work anymore. It just appears and disappears at will, leaving you with nothing but that long floating ribbon of road and some TSOs hovering in space.

    It is a shame really, but without a monumental rebuild (perhaps even scratch) it will never look anywhere near as good as it deserves to.
  8. LilSki

    Premium Member

    It was never released by the people that did the conversion. This is a leak build.

    Aso for the background after AC 1.4 or 5 they cut the viewing distance of the engine considerably which Introduced the flickering background.
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  9. And this is a rather "early" build if I remember correctly. The final build was deemed ready for release by ~70% of the team, but because 30% decided against it we will never get the V1.0