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Targa Florio

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Thx dude, downloading it now. Only thing is it will probably take me days to learn, bring it on.........
  2. Like us all buddy, like us all...

  3. I just asked permission for GTRE conversion and got green light. But this conversion will be a very difficult so I can't promise anything but i'll check if it possible to make it work with GTRE. Short tracks are easier but this is something else so lets see how it goes. I will start working next weekend when i'm back home from my holiday trip, oke.

    Can't wait this this with retro cars and endurance races...

  4. I have just done my first full lap... it's not an easy task, either for me or my computer... but it was great fun,
    I started the track for the first time with my usual graphical settings, and the framerate was... around 15fps...
    so I lowered shadows to medium, track detail to low, disabled anti aliasing, lowered AF to 4x and it jumped to around 40-50fps, with a overclock on the CPU from 3.3 to 3.6ghz it raised another 10fps... so this track is VERY demanding on the CPU side, particularly on single threaded performance (overclocked I5 2500K should be great for playing this)...

    the track have many difficult turns, any small mistake and you can crash easily... also the fuel tank of the Mini I used is only just enough for a single lap.

    but what a wonderful job from the people that made this track for GPL and the ones that converted! thanks!
  5. We have extended the Targa Florio a header button "live" and therefore the offer with "LiveRacers"

    Free Server: Targa Florio-WSC1970

    Targa Florio Forever - The Cultural Manifesto