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Targa Florio GTR Evolution

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Kimmo Kokkonen, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Targa Florio track converted to GTRE, online host and Beta testers needed, if you are interested so just PM me, thanks. Should be fun, can't wait!


    Ps. Retro Pack works fine with this...

  2. Is this done with the permission of the original creators...?
  3. Oh yes of course, permission for rF conversion granted, permission for release still needed. So at first this track should tested and for that I need your help, thanks. So the online test should be some private session only for the regular members already driven here, oke. So if you can give some server time for this you will have this track for racing...endu calling...please
  4. Got the server time and manpower to help.. Funny you didn't ask from me first..
  5. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Kimmo, if you need a space to test we can setup a RD server for private testing. Just drop me a pm please.
  6. Thanks. PM is comig soon...
  7. You have a PM on the way then... :)
  8. Oh yes of course, permission for rF conversion granted, permission for PUBLIC release still needed, rF conversion team just had their version for testing so they just check that all is ok before the release, if so then they will show the green light for me. Private Beta testing still available so please join if you have some time to test this little track LOL...

    You may not know me so well but check this: http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1437573&postcount=10
  9. So at least 21 Beta testers still needed, this track will never come out from here without a full grid beta test...so...come on it's free and it's legal...
  10. And to add to Kimmo's comment, it's awesome but don't drive a slow car!
  11. Thanks so much! And if you choose a slow car so you can enjoy that superb view much longer, 1 lap per day is enough for me LOL

    Thanks Sergio Loro and his GPL team, thanks rF conversion team :)
  12. More Beta testers still needed please join asap, the first race not happen so soon so you will have time to learn this track before it, also the race will not be so serious racing but we just testing how this track works online with a full grid, ok.

    So one little bug founded from GTRE version as the cobblestone material is not correct for Race07 but it works fine in GTR2, so I will check it asap and will release corrected version before the race. also please report all mistakes you can find so I can correct them before the first race...GTR2 version works fine, there could be some little differences between GTRE and GTR2 and Beta testing is the best way to find them as 1 man can't do all the driving work with track like this long, oke.

    So still needed at least 18 drivers so come on...thanks!

    And also I found some texture problems with Retro Pack but those mistakes not show with any other mod??? So there's some material or texture conflict with Retro Pack, Simbin please correct your MOD LOL.
  13. Hubs (WBB) has sent it to me Kimmo for testing :)
  14. Good!
  15. I'd love to test the TF. I tried PM but your box is full.
    I have the rFactor version and I have done over 10 laps of it (doesn't sound like much, but it's a long track)
  16. I doubt I'd survive for long on this track, as it all tends to go horribly wrong for me on rFactor. But I'd still be happy to lend a hand with testing. And am also eagerly anticipating a release. :)
  17. 10 laps in the same session that's a lie...but hey 1 material issue with GTRE cobblestones and rumbles solved. A new updated Beta version will be out this weekend, already shared Beta version removed so hope you can still wait few days, oke!

    Must say that the rFactor version sucks! These GTR2 and GTRE versions work much better for me, surprice surprice :O
  18. GTR2 & GTRE Targa Florio Beta 2.1 - The 1st release candidate shared with beta testers, I can't find any mistakes if the AIW file not count so finally this should be the release version :tongue:

    For online beta testing there's still few spots open...
  19. I've never raced online but been running the Targa on rFactor and gpl sports and would be more than happy to test AI if you need someone.
  20. I managed one full lap offline with the old version where once I hit the cobblestone before the long straight, there was no grip at all. The car would not respond to anything, like it was on oil...

    Just making a note in case that hasn't been fixed...