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TakaTeC Display

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Piotr Misiorek, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=17566

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  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Gonna give this a try in windowed mode. Thanks Piotr
  3. At least for me it didn`t work too well in windowed mode- killed my fps considerably!
    Apart from that it`s a very lovely made display with good overall information and a very good shift indicator. I`m planing to run it on a second PC via LAN and use a small 7 or 10" TFT for it....

  4. I tried it. It is cool, but has nothing on the MotecDX :)
  5. Yep MotecDX kicks ass.

    On a side note my rFactor game display is becoming more and more like a telemetry monitor, with the map plugin etc etc. :)