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Tactile Transducer System

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by dedraro, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Hello guys, lately I'm thinking of making a vibration system to match to my cockpit ( http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/my-sim-cockpit.96788/page-1 ), I would not want the classic Buttkicker Gamer 2, plug & play that here in Italy you have to spend to buy a lot (around 200€), but I want more than anything else from me build me a system made up of various Bass Shaker, to match then SimVibe as budget I would not exceed the cost of a very gods Gamer 2, then the 200 €, but the point is that I still have many doubts about the components to buy, initially wanted to replicate verbatim the draft this guy:


    An external sound card
    connect this mini amplifier
    and finally 5/6 bass shaker between these.

    Since, however, here in Europe, much less in Italy, these components did not find, I have compiled a list made up my hypothetical:

    6x Bass Shaker http://www.conrad.it/ce/it/product/...uto-130-mm-80-W-Sinuslive-4-?ref=searchDetail

    Sound Card (I think all goes well, then it would take a fairly inexpensive type this) http://www.amazon.it/CSL-Scheda-Sur...d=1422361318&sr=8-2&keywords=scheda+audio+pci

    The amplifier I found the same, but from China http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lepa...SS-for-mp3-iPod-power-adapter/2054831811.html

    Maybe a better amp in Europe if you know well, also do not know if the sound card is fine, plus I want to know if these are enough components to achieve a fair system, as you see I have a lot of doubts, the Bass Transducer 6 because it would take 4, they would apply to the four corners of the cockpit, and the last two on one pedal and one on the shifter. What do you say? You have to give me advice? are in your hands guys, let me know [​IMG]

    PS: sorry for my bad english [​IMG]
  2. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    I am that guy, what are doubts?:)
  3. Hello JeffL , thanks for the reply, my doubts are precisely the components to be used, I wanted to know if they are good these Bass Shaker, as I wrote,I would use 6, to be positioned at various points, also do not know if the sound card is fully compatible with what I want to do, in a last I wonder if there is an alternative at that mini amplifier, I could buy in Europe. :)
  4. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    One more question, what size configuration for the transducers 2 large 4 small? 6 large?
  5. See here for tips.
    Please note: the SinusLive shakers are 50W RMS (constant) and 80W peak, do not power them with 80W constantly - they will overheat. But they do the job well, I'm a happy owner of 3 SinusLive shakers (8 ohm version).
    I do not recommend using a USB sound card, it may cause an overloaded USB bus when used on a USB2 port. It's better to use a PCI card. Just my 2 cents.
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  6. Thanks for the reply, as sound card I was thinking of using this here:
    what do you say okay? for bass shaker say you are better than 4 Ω or 8 Ω? as amplifier What do you use?
  7. Can't say anything about that sound card personally, but the reviews seem to be OK. Please check first if you have a free PCI slot on your motherboard. If you do not have a free PCI slot, maybe you should use a PCI Express card. I have a Creative Labs PCIe X-Fi Titanium installed.
    I'm using an old Pioneer analog surround amp, see this thread. It's an amp that can only drive 8 Ohm speakers, so I bought 8 Ohm shakers. Do not connect 4 Ohm shakers to an 8 Ohm amp: the amp might overheat.
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  8. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    I cannot speak to those transducers, the company if refereed you to makes quality stuff and have purchased many items over the years. So I recommended them because of my experience.

    rms is the point of sustained destruction, peak is momentary.

    There is nothing wrong with usb bus depends on your setup
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  9. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    your transducers are 4 ohm so and most of those lepai amps are auto-impedance (OHMS) . Need more info but I think that amp will go down to 2 ohm, need to find out for sure. You basically can get 6 channels with sim commander.
    stereo front chassis, mono rear chassis, mono shifter, mono pedal, mono seat.

    If you put 6 transducers into 6 channels you would need 3 of those amps. There are other ways to configure.

    you can take two transducers in series and get 8 ohms or two in parrallel and get 2 ohms.

    Gotta go race now :)
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  10. So I could take just one amp, and take only four bass shaker, and connect those mono series at 8ohm shifter and rear chassis, and those of stereo front chassis leave them at 4ohm, you say it's fine?

    PS: good race :D
  11. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    it's easier to just pick shifter and seat and uncheck the chassis and don't use it. You can pump any effect through any output, so it doesn't matter what the label is. with 4 - 4 ohm pucks, wire in series, which would give you 2 channels of 8 ohms each. By putting on shifter and seat it pumps through a single stereo out put but you can control the volume on each separately. If you need help with the series wiring just let me know.:thumbsup:
  12. That Lepai amp is only 20W, so not much. They can drive 6 - 16 Ohm speakers, not 4 Ohms speakers. Please note you need a 12V power supply as well, since it's a car amp.
  13. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Wattage (of the speaker)has nothing to do with impedance, 20 watts is more than enough power. What configuration are talking about. 3 16 ohms transducers wired in parrallel is 5.something ohms. Your amp see ohm impedance not individual speakers
    edit 5.3 ohms is the actual impedance.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2015
  14. I know wattage is something else than impedance. I have an 80W RMS amp which I use at 80% volume for the shakers, so I think 20 Watts RMS is just not much.
    The specs from the web page clearly state 6 - 16 Ohms speakers:
    Specifications: * Power output: 2 x 20 watts RMS* Input impedance: 47k ohms * Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz * Input sensitivity: 200 mV * Minimum THD: <0.05% * Dimensions (D x W x H): 120 x 147 x 42 mm* Speaker's value of resistance requirement: 6-16 ?* Power supply: 12V, 2A.
  15. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    80 percent is too high, (Unless your are running a class A amp that works on attenuation.)You shouldn't run that amp more than 60%. What is your input levels coming out of computer, that should be running at peak average. about 60%.. The trick to audio is have everything running at 60% and vu levels in the software peaking. With a matched system and everything running optimum at 80 percent your transducer would be chattering. With a 50 watt speaker 20 watts is fine. You may not agree. but since i have a pile of those little amps I use for testing stuff. I know you can't blow them up and they are very clean, very efficient little amps for the money.
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  16. 60% of 80 Watts is still a lot more than 20 Watts :D
  17. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    I wish it were that simple.:D
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