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Tacito Nunes banned due to cheating

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. The following might not come as a huge surprise, unfortunately. After the FSR World Trophy Nürburgring race, the administration has learned that Tacito Nunes, making his first race of the season, was running forbidden performance-altering software during the race.

    The infraction was found during the post-race check from the log generated by the FSR Manager, which revealed that Nunes had launched an application just prior to the event start. This application is well-known to the FSR administration from the past and has been associated with cheating. FSR rules explicitly prohibit running any tool linked with cheating; as per FSR General Rules Article 6.2, the running of any such tool will be deemed equal to cheating.

    With regards to above, the administration issues a life-time ban to Tacito Nunes, which is applied with immediate effect.

    As per standard proceedings, the administration will not release to public any further evidence from the FSR Manager log of Nunes, in order to protect the anti-cheat methods of FSR Manager.
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  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    And if he never appeared on that race I would've reached my first Q2. I'm not going to miss this guy.

    By the way, if he wants to cheat, he should do better than that. Didn't even win the race with cheats? Pathetic...
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  3. Ridiculous !!
  4. Indeed, using cheats is ridiculous.
  5. thats what she said :D
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  6. What? That's a shame for the Brazilian SimRacing!
  7. Before going to bed, I want to add something. FSR had different brazilian drivers in the last years (I had some of them in WT in the last 2 years) and they never gave any problem. So before going to the easy topic of "those europeans hate us", think about it. This message goes to the cheater and his friends.
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  8. I was one of the Brazilians in the past year and I am embarrassed by the attitude of the person. I believe in the FSR.
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  9. Just a doubt, which was the program used to cheat?
  10. "As per standard proceedings, the administration will not release to public any further evidence from the FSR Manager log of Nunes, in order to protect the anti-cheat methods of FSR Manager."

    EDIT: I'm not involved with the administration of FSR, so I have no clue... I was just pointing out Johannes' words in case you haven't seen them.

  11. Ok I'm not saying that he isn't a cheater or is cheater. What the problem to tell us which was the program used if you already know how to catch the cheater? I'm not defending, I'm brazilian and we want to join our team here. And be sure that we hate cheaters, that's why we are going to try the World Championship. But I think it's fair to let the people know which program he was using.
  12. I don´t think we should advertise any cheating software here, specially since some programms might go undetected elsewhere. We will always make sure there is enough evidence in public to see we don´t make random rulings, and in this case the replays shows it very well. And more Replays from the race are available here in the World Trophy Forum.

    I hope everyone can respect that in such delicate matters we only want to give as little information as possible publically.
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  13. Also RaceDepartment would never allow to talk about cheating tools. The thread would last 0,1 seconds.
  14. I'm a old brazilian virtual driver, and i need to say:

    This is a shame for my country, never thought that Tacito Nunes was a stupid cheater...Thanks FSR for showing that for us! This video can prove everything, Tacito you're a idiot...c'mon get off of virtual races, stop making Brazil image poor than never...

    I wanted to drive on FSR really soon, one of my dreams is become a FSR driver, doesn't matter that i'll go top finish in the last position, will a honor to drive here! and stupid people like Tacito comes and tries to kill's my dream...

    Tacito deserves this massive ban!

    And for RandomnessInside: I really fell this situation man, so sad to loose a great chance for a cheater like this, i've already passed for a situation like this...f**king sad but i can figure that.
  15. It's a shame that a person tries to take advantage against others this way.
    I'm retired from simracing but things like this spoil the image from brazil around the world and gives me no will to return .

    Such a shame for Brazilian Simracing...
  16. Ok, I understand your point of view, you need protect your league, there are really much thing envolved here, isn't just racing online, I know that. If he was a cheater, you really need ban and turn it public, cheaters need to be banned forever. My friend, Matheus Maia raced here and never suffered any discrimination here (he is brazilian too), Tacito said to us that he will send his setup for us, we gonna test it with our best drivers in our team (one of the is a F3 driver). As I said I'm not saying there is some xenophobia against brazilian, but if you can, bring to us most evidence possible. And please everyone, if he was cheating, it don't means every brazilian is cheater, so when we join we hope to have the respect of everyone
  17. We never said that every Brazilian cheats, sadly there are cheaters in every community.
    No one will discriminate Brazilians because of this one guy.
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  18. Yuri, in this particular case exposed by you (if he was cheating, it don't means every brazilian is cheater), i think everyone here is grown up enough to differentiate that one does not respond to all, in this case, that every brazilian is a cheater just because tacito is one.
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  19. I really appreciate it guys, some of brazilian has this fear that "brazilian guys are discriminated just because is brazilian" did you guys can understand our mind?

    Just a stupid and unreal fear on our mind caused by peoples like Tácito hehe
  20. I can understand why FSR won't reveal further specifics about it because people who cheat will know to look for another option. Here's your evidence, enough said:

    That being said its reassuring to know that FSR can catch this sort of thing. On top of that prepare video evidence like the one above. My only hope in the future if FSR manager can be designed in such a way in the future to boot a driver or alert the race director of such anomaly during races.