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T500Rs Setup and ingame settings advice

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Carlos Panades, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Hello! I've been struggling to find a good setup to my wheel. Is basically the same in every sim. The average feel is great but once I lose control of the car the wheel become too heavy and I can't get rid of that thing. I would like some good advice in advanced FFB setup and in game setup for this game. Thank you very much.

    Carlos Panades.
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  2. Thanks SnappyDEe, I'll read it later. I can say I found a good starting point for the T500.
    I just loaded the T500 default profile in game, and set my driver as follows:
    Gain: 60%
    Constant: 38%
    Periodic: 63%
    Spring and Damper: 0%
    Auto Center by the Game

    900º of rotation.

    Got rid of the ultra Heavy effect on the wheel, and I can feel all detailed. Not perfect yet, but very nice to play. I can correct powerslides much much easier now.
    I'll read the topic you mentioned. Thanks mate.
  3. No problem. There are a lot of posts in there but it is worth reading through when you get time because you get to see different people's experiences with setting up their wheels without having to do it all yourself. No need to "re-invent the wheel", so to speak. ;)
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  4. Carlos, have you found a set up that feels right?
  5. I just had a go with my T500 for the first time in a while, and applied the same settings as I reached with my T300, leaving the Thrustmaster drivers on default and tuning in game. The result was very decent:

    Gain 60, constant 100, periodic 100, damper 0, spring 0
    In game:
    FFB intensity 45%, smoothing 0%, Steering force 100, understeer 85, vertical load 200, lateral force 35, steering rack 0, engine 0, braking 0, kerbs 15, gear 60
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  6. Reducing constant force was the only thing I found really helped with that heavy feeling when getting a big slide on my TX. I have constant force to 0. Still experimenting with other forces.
  7. Yes I got a very linear response and I'm pretty satisfied with what I achieved. Not perfect but the best feeling I have in a while.
    The reason to say that is in all sims I have been getting too heavy and exaggerated forces been generated when I enter a powerslide or losing control of the car. But with those settings I can control it much better and the force generated is not too saturated anymore in such situations. Also I can still feel the more light force feedback details as bumps and kerbs.
    Here it goes as follows:

    T500Rs driver (with latest driver installed)

    Master Gain: 60%
    Constant: 38%
    Periodic: 63%
    Spring: 0%
    Damper: 0%
    Auto Center Settings by the Game
    900º of rotation

    I loaded the default T500 profile in the game menu
    and changed in the Force Feedback settings:
    Smoothing: 15%
    Steering Rack 20%
    And Engine Vibrations: 25%

    All rest default, which will be like

    Force Feedback: On
    Inverted Force Feedback: Off
    Gamepad Rumble: Off
    Force Feedback Intensity: 100%
    Smoothing: 15%

    Steering Force Settings:

    Steering Force Intensity: 100%
    Understeer: 100%
    Vertical Load: 100%
    Lateral Force: 80%
    Steering Rack: 20%

    Force Feedback Effect Settings:
    Engine Vibrations: 25%
    Brake Vibrations: 20%
    Kerb Vibrations: 30%
    Shift Effect: 80%

    If feels damn amazing, but I think we can tweak it a bit more yet.
    If anyone would like to try it and report back your experience would be great to hear your opinion.

    Carlos Panades.