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T500rs question

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ttiimmeehh, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    I started playing f1 on my computer since today.. ive been playing it on xbox for years now.. with a controller..
    And well i wanted to start out good.. so i bought me a T500rs.
    I have 1 problem tho.. (or it's betwen my ears) it seems like you can steer further like uhmm... seems like your wheels ingame can go to a greater angle then on the computer with t500rs.. might be the settings of the t500.. or..?

    T500RS settings:

    250 degree rotation
    40% strength
    100% cons
    50% periodic
    30% spring
    50% damper

    All in game detail settings on 0%

    ENV. 40

    FFB 100

    Weight 50

    I rly notice this 'problem' in slow corners and chicanes..

    Ty in advance..

    (sorry for my english >.<)
  2. 250 degrees is VERY small.

    Try setting it to something higher, like 530, or even 900. The T500rs was meant to be played at higher steering degrees of rotation.

    Is there a way to set the steering rotation in the game you are playing?

  3. ????
    No way, if you want a 1:1 input set your degrees to 230-240 thats what actual f1 cars have... If they would drive with 530 or 900 they would smash in the wall every single corner..lol
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  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    From my understanding, you are saying that you can turn the wheel on the computer, but the wheel in game turns further than your wheel. In order for your wheel to match the one in game you will have to play around with wheel rotation as well as steering lock in the settings.

    Btw modmate. I have seen video's where the wheel on an F1 as he is leaving the pit area is turned almost completely upside down. This would indicate at or near 360 degrees of rotation capabilities to me.
  5. I know about that sort off "oversteering" (dunno the real name sry) but the usual 1:1 input is about 230-240 degress aswell as set prerendred frames to 1 in nvidia control panel.
    Easy to check, just drive around and take 230 degrees.;)
  6. I didn't mean for F1 cars lol. Why would I suggest a higher rotation for F1 cars?

  7. Because thats what the OP was asking for.:rolleyes:
  8. I know, I just missed it.
  9. That's not true though, F1 cars definitely have a higher lock than this. If you watch on board footage they regularly cross their hands almost completely (360 degree lock), and if you watch mechanics help the drivers reverse into the pit garage, they turn the wheel beyond this too. I don't know the actual figures, but at a guess they have at least 380 degrees of lock, maybe over 400.

    [edit] That said, whether the F1 game the OP is referring to accurately simulates this is another matter. If he's talking about a recent Codemasters title, I would guess that it doesn't, so having it at about 400 may be too much without messing with linearity settings.
  10. Yea it´s over 360 degrees. Around 420 i think.

    You would not get out of the pit box with 270 or similar.
  11. Guys - haha ;-) okay here is the story with the wheels in F1..

    Like we guys on Sim's, they can adjusted the degree for the wheel - actually it is adjusted by a software in the car.. so at a certain speed it does do more then 360° (to get out of the garage for example) but as soon they hit 80 km/h it is more or less locked at 260° depending on the track....

    If you think about it it makes sense... ;-)

    I had asked once Alex Wurz when I met him because I had the same question.. that was his answer....
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  12. That make sense and fits what i said with 240 degrees, that was taken for a 1:1 input on my plasma played with the t500rs and ferrari addon wheel. I guess codie lock it completely to between 230 and 240, but well its not a real sim is it.