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T500RS Problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by klvru, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. To all T500RS owner,

    I'm having some issue with the wheel (had it for a year or less, used once a week perhaps).

    Lately, whenever I turn the wheel pass a certain angle (turning right, clockwise direction), most of the buttons of the steering will be turned on (as if you are pressing all the buttons). Anyone of you had similar issues? I updated the firmware to V43 to see if it will fix it, but the problem persist, so I'm assuming its a hardware issue

    I will post a video of it tonight.
  2. Sounds like a possible issue with the rim itself. Do you have another rim you can use on the base to test this?

    Is this happening in the Thrustmaster control panel or in-game?
  3. It happens both in game and in the control panel.

    Here is the link to the video, please bear with me on the quality of the video

  4. Do you have another rim you can use on the base to test this?
  5. Unfortunately no, I don't have another rim to test.

    I dismantled the rim to check the connections and the board in the rim, everything looks fine. Might give TM an email and see, but I'm not located in the US
  6. I believe another member here had an issue with a T500 a few months ago where a button was getting stuck randomly but he was using the F1 wheel rim, if I recall, it turned out to be the rim causing the problem, not the wheelbase so that's why I had hoped you had another rim to test.