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T500RS Original wheel GT mod.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Thomas Vasileiadis, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. When i buy my T500RS , i remove original GT wheel , and i use my F1 Ferrari mod wheel....All this time i have original wheel on my desk....Couple days ago i decided to mod it.....i design an upper plate....i cut it....i drill it....but something is missing .... so i decided to adapt a display that gets data from the ac-hub code (thank's Wotever) will appear by selecting the steering wheel buttons....here is the wheel....work in progress....hope you like it...

    F1Simgames GT wheel.png
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  2. Mod Update.New upper plate with RGB leds installation for RPM's.After that,design is completed. Next step : Wiring and connections...Here is the wheel....

    F1Simgames GT - RGB Leds.jpg
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  3. Wheel is ready....mounted and test all the buttons...works perfect!....I will upload test video soon...Next step : Buttons stickers design....

    F1Simgames GT Wheel ready 2.jpg
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  4. Wheel test on Assetto Corsa.

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  5. I think to create an optional button panel for my GT Wheel...So i decide to create a panel with a TM1638 , 8 push buttons and a female 6 mini Din connector to connect the GT Wheel on it.Installed and ready for test.

    Panel 1.jpg
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  6. Vinyl decals installed....ready to race!

    F1Simgames GT Wheel ready final decals 1a.jpg
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  7. New update : Install a display cover to protect the leds.I use "smoke" acrylic and cover it with carbon vinyl.So the digits are more realistic.

    New Display Panel.jpg
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  8. James Robertson

    James Robertson
    Premium Member

    Great idea :)
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  9. Τhank you James...i think is better.
  10. Excellent work Thomas, thanks for sharing your great photos here, cheers mate, AussieStig
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  11. It's normal AussieStig.I post to one of the best racing forums.
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  12. Final test T500RS GT wheel and Button panel mods on Assetto Corsa
    Car : Nissan GTR – GT3
    Track : Spielberg Austria Ring
    Wheel : T500RS with custom GT wheel and custom button panel

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  13. Sunday modding....External gear indicator...

    Gear Indicator.jpg
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  14. testing video....enjoy!

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  15. Last update....Κeyboard carbon cover modding to match with cockpit.....

    Keyboard Carbon.jpg

    Carbon Rig.jpg
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  16. oday i almost finish my new button and display panel.Main frame is ready and next days i will finish the side covers and the full set of stickers.

    Mega Panel 1.jpg

    Mega Panel 2.jpg

    Mega Panel 3.jpg
  17. Button box in test...

  18. Final decals installation....PanelBox is ready.

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  19. Piero Favretti

    Piero Favretti
    Premium Member

    Is this mod for sale? I would be interested.

    I would suggest rounding off the top corners, otherwise beautiful!