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T300 vs T300RS

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by NAViLERA, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. I'm about to purchase TM T300. I found T300 wheel servo base is around $250 but T300RS (whole package with rim and pedal) is around $300. I'll use my CS v2 pedal so I don't care about the pedal.
    Is there any difference between T300 base and the one in T300RS? If not I think purchasing T300RS set is better because I can earn stock rim (I'll not use though) and pedals I can sell.
  2. if im not mistaken the difference is the wheel it comes with.. I could be wrong. But i was trying to figure this out myself.
  3. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium

    T300 is just the base, no wheel or pedals.
    T300RS comes with a basic two-pedal set and a generic wheel.
    T300GTE is like the RS, but with a Ferrari GTE looking wheel.
    T300 Ferrari Integral has the 30cm 599xx EVO Alcantara wheel and a T3PA pedal set.
  4. T300 base- compatibility Pc-ps3-ps4-1080º
    TX base-compatibility Pc-xboxone-900º
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  5. PicoBp

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    There is no such thing as T300TX. It's T300 (PS+PC) and TX (XB1+PC). ;)
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  6. So sad cuz nobody understood the question.. it is asking the difference between T300 wheel base and the wheel base in T300RS, not talking about the rim, pedal or nomenclature.
  7. samcar304

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    No Difference between the two as stated above in PicoBP's Post the T300rs just means you get a rim and a pedal set with the T300 base. The same T300 base you can by standalone...

    If you buy the Servo base you will need to by a Rim for it unless you have superpowers :)
  8. Don't forget TX has 900, T300 has 1080, but you never will achieve 900 or 1080 max lock, because it will be -98 and +98 (left, right) The driver won't allow to go -100% and +100. If you see the wheel calibrate during booting the pc you clearly see it is able to go full lock. I think Thrustmaster did this to prevent damage or it is clearly a bug in the driver. If you want to go 900 degrees I suggest the T300 + T3pa or T3pa-pros. Just go for the cheapest package + pedals.
  9. Lol...just imagining someone trying this.
  10. Is it not understanding the question or you not understanding the answers? All of the above answers answer your question exactly. The difference IS the wheel rim it comes with. Bases are the same