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T300 Trouble

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by David Morton, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Hi guys i need help every time i try join race my wheel freaks out like this
    if i hold it steady for 10 seconds or so i can get it to return to center but have no FFB any ideas anyone.

    Only happens in AC and since last update i think.
  2. After alot testing on different cats/tracks it come down to been track problem since update. I cant load silverstone or spa without my wheel going nuts
  3. @David Morton

    First, does the wheel behave properly in other games?

    Second, try going through the controller setup wizard again and set up the wheel, then make sure you save your settings as a profile and name the profile anything you want.
  4. Hi thanks for reply as i said only happens in AC and only since update Ive deleted all the game data and reinstalled the game and still the same problems.
  5. Did you go through the control setup wizard again and create a profile for your wheel and name it?
  6. I did mate but still no luck
  7. So thanks to lad called switch who had same problem might of found out what was causing it turns out raptr overlay was doing it. Had few go so far so good.
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  8. Interesting. I have no experience with Raptr. I have read about it causing various problems for people, but its not usually wheel related.