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T300 base, 3 months old making odd noises

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SeriousNewb, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. I bought a T300 Integral set (Alcantara wheel, T3PA pedals) in June. Have been using on PC with default settings mostly. Yesterday I noticed a creaking/squeaking sound when the wheel is at 90 degrees, it hasn't been there before.

    I was driving the Lausitzring in RRE which is very twisty. I tried it for the first time yesterday as part of the DTM content and then noticed the sounds coming while turning and the wheel is under load. Again default settings pretty much on the wheel and in in-game vehicle.

    I've contacted Thrustmaster Support outlining the details and sent them a couple of videos to explain. I'm wondering are the sounds normal after a few months use? And if anyone else has experienced the same?
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  2. PicoBp

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    Yep, same issue here, and nope, not normal. RMA is the word you're looking for. ;)
  3. So do you think this is a return item? If so I'd return just the base I assume? Did you return yours or receive a replacement?

    I read somewhere, ISRTV forums I think that they will in some cases offer to send a replacement but which would be a refurbished base and you would retain the old unit but cut the cables on it or something. Sounded odd.
  4. I called their support. They'll examine the videos and if it's RMA they'll pay to have it collected and shipped to France (as I'm in Europe) for testing. They told me if it's faulty they'll replace with a new base.. No racing for a while then..
  5. Thrustmaster Support have suggested the following,

    "There is a high chance that this squeaking noise is caused by the fact that the bolts used to tighten the wheel on your racing stand, are not perfectly aligned so they can in time deform the base, causing the wheel's shaft to rub against the "wall".

    The test that we want you to perform is the following: dismount the wheel and clamp it to the desk using the V shaped clamp and screw provided in the box with with the product, to see if the issue persists."

    I removed the two bolts to remove the T300 from the Wheel Stand Pro base and bolted to a desk as they requested and the noises persist as far as I can tell. I take their point but it seems like an odd suggestion?
  6. Frank

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    They just want to disclose everything, just make a new video to their questions and you will get a replacement.
  7. I get the point but there are two holes on the metal plate on the stand that line up with two mounting screw positions on the base of the T300 unit. If anything was out of alignment I guess the threads on the bolts would be ruined or they're suggesting that the base was mounted at an angle, I dont know...

    Bolted the base to a desk, noises still present. They'll wish to collect the unit for testing before sending a replacement, so as you say they will send one but I'll be offline for a while, i.e. without a base for 2-3 weeks, before they do.
  8. Rodent


    Had the same with my first T300, got it replaced very quickly but I went through the retailer instead of TM.
  9. I had been thinking the same. I have the purchase receipt with states two years warranty so should I approach the store instead. I bought a base, wheel and pedal set but only need the base replaced. Perhaps they'll replace the whole set, I'll have to ask them.
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  10. Rodent


    That's what my retailer did, they were quite open about the fact that they'd just send the stuff back to TM since they didn't do repairs etc themselves but they had no problem what so ever with handing me a new set. Bright side is that it meant a new alcantara rim as well, mmm that new alcantara smell. :)
  11. I've contacted the retailer to enquire. I bought gloves to protect the Alcantara from wear, now feel like I shouldn't have bothered ;)
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  12. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium

    As I have the T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantare bundle, I had to return it as a whole. Went through RMA once as my first set had some factory bearing defect, I got a brand new pack back. The RMA process for the squeeking and clunking noises is still in progress, but I expect the same results (shiny new package). I also went through my retailer.
  13. Thrustmaster in France said if an RMA was to happen that they would collect the base only for testing. Which makes sense. I'll wait and see what the retailer replies first.

    I removed the base from the Wheel Stand Pro and bolted to a desk using their mount instead as Thrustmaster suggested, the noises of course continued and I made another video for them. No follow-up from them as yet. The Wheel Stand Pro mounting plate aligns correctly with the mounting screws on the T300 so a misalignment was never an issue and many like me never use their mounting solution..
  14. I went back to the store with the T300 Ferrari Integral boxed up, they didn't have a replacement in stock so they offered a refund which I took. I looked at a G29, I've always seen the T300 listed as better and Logitech support isn't any better that Thrustmaster's...

    That store and another store I've purchased gear from in the past didn't have the T300 Ferrari Integral set in stock. Sold out I guess and perhaps there'll be more available in a while. If I get another I'd prefer to get it from somewhere local where I can return it myself if needs be. Should I look to buy another or something else? Without a wheel right now so my Wheel Stand Pro is looking a bit bare :)
  15. Following returning the wheel set to the retailer yesterday and receiving a refund I called Thrustmaster support to inform them, the guy thanked my and said he would inform his colleague or something and today I received the following :)

    "Regarding your T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition.
    Thank you for the video.
    After analysing the data, we concluded that we need to retrieve the base for a technical inspection.
    Before starting the RMA procedure for your wheel, please reply directly to this email providing us with the following:
    - a copy of the proof of purchase
    - a picture taken at the serial number written on the sticker located under the base
    - your complete postal details with a phone number where you can be reached
    We are looking forward to your reply."

    From my own experiences and reading online these are my conclusions:
    1. If purchasing a T300 set buy locally in case you need to return/replace it.
    2. Upgrade the firmware to version 25 and set the internal fan to always on. Admittedly I left it on auto but given that I mostly used default settings and kept the FFB quite low I don't think I caused any harm
    3. On both occasions when I called they were telling my about how complex the device internals are and how many moving parts there are. I get their point but honestly I don't care and don't say that to a customer. So much for all the fancy mechanism related graphics on the box then.