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Skins T125 - Full 95 Benetton Formula 1 Team 1.1

Drivers , Helmets , Suits , Faces and Liveries .

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  1. Does anyone want to see more of these classics this seemed really popular not sure why , must be the nostalgia of the car and the driver ?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
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  2. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Well,hold your horses...i have not said your work suck,on the contrary,the rating was not "Excellent" as this is the maximum rating and instead i rated"good" wich is a step back from excellent.Also praised your work so far,so i dont know what is your problem.
    You either didnt understood what i was saying or you look for "perfect score".
    I know its not possible to change the model right now,i am not a narow minded,that was only a form of joke of the way it looks.
    You are to sensitive on things mate,and misunderstand line of words.
    The skin looks "good".
  3. Well if someone makes a high quality HD Skin , helmet suit and goes out there way to make the face in the first place and then add new audio , all done in the highest quality possible ,
    Then what do you expect to see in an awesome mod ?
    let me know what I need to improve on and I will make the changes ?
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  4. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Agree and appreciate all your work but dont expect that eveyone see the same.For me its good.as it is.You do this for hobby or fame,i dont understand...
    I also recieved not high positive feedback on my work.I never see it as perfect,never will be,but as close as possible be as i can do,as you did.
  5. It might just be me I aim for perfection all the time and no , no one perfect but please give more information when leaving a 4 star rating and complaining about the drivers face being too round ?

    Let me know exactly what your issues are I will fix them asap ,
    it can not be the resolution of the textures because every map was done in 4K HD 4096 at 299.99 resolution ,
    then it must be poor craftsmanship or something down them lines ,
    Its not just you m8 my ultimate realism mod got a 1 star rating 2 hours before the it was the second highest rated and most downloaded on RD ,
    Saying that they could not hear the car because of the music ? killed the mod
  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Thats another story,and nitpicking but what i did was a joke related to how the 3D head model looks with Schumy face,thats all,nothing to be done from you or anyone else right now.The stars rating was not based on this if this is what you were thinking.
    Its based on my judge on the skin.Does this rating kills overall rating i dont understand why you need a full excellent rating.
  7. I Keep getting asked about youtube people going on about all the money that I make and having a machimina partnership , last month I earned about $20 and more than half my earnings I have give back to my subs with brand new games on the day of release like Batman , F1 2013 , Grid 2 , rfactor2 ,
    The money means nothing to me , and no its not for the fame of anything , I would just be kidding myself , ML is the best on RD at skinning cars and helmets , and so is gerald and wilmer , they make the best looking skins ,
    ML as forgot more about skinning than I actually know ,
    I would just like to know where o improve when getting low ratings thats all ,
    I try my best but obviously my best is never good enough to please you guy,s :(
  8. A Kid on AC Asked me for 2 cars 1 GT2 BM and 1 GT3 BM , 1 black and one white ,
    I made him 8 liveries 4 of each car ,
    After I created them he sent me this message .

    Hey man, thanks for the work on the FedEx racing project. I'd like to reiterate again that, due to the multiple days of work put into the project, if you'd like payment I can send funds to an e-mail address via PayPal if you so wish ;)

    Looks like we are getting the T125 this Friday...we'll have a real formula car to skin for now ;)

    I refused him point blank would not dream of asking anyone for the money it means nothing I do it as an hobby and to make you guy,s happy that is the only reason , and if you guy,s are not happy then I am not doing my job properly so just always let me know where I am going wrong and I will try my best to improve ,

    That B195 I Made for someone else and was not going to even upload it ;)
  9. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Jessus Christ you act like i slamed your work with a hammer.You look like a good man,but right now you act like a kid.Maybe you have to accept that its impossible to please everyone.,I said only positive things about your work and you keep on the same idea and make it look like i am a bad person for not rating your work at maximum possible.
    I never said anything about money either,this is crazy,how all this misunderstanding from a joke.
    Keep working,you are doing a good job and i promise you i`ll never rate your work again and destroy the excellent overall rating.;)
  10. lol leave it m8 could not care less about the ratings , I just would like to know how to improve on perfection ;)
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  11. AC Is the best community m8 , get nothing but hassle over here not worth the headache ,
    Phil over at AC Just made me this , got it as my desktop background and loving it.
  12. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    I am at AC too..i am part of the same community,never said anything bad here about you or your work,never said something like that over at AC forum so right before my rate and joke over your skin for the head model i was one of the people from best community as you say.
    If you wanted to know why,the reason for my rate,you could of PM me and had a talk but now,this conversation turned into a mess and happend on the Skin thread.
    And now users will come here to read reviews and instead they see 2 users arguing over rating stuf and over some funny statement.
  13. Its just me m8 , I am childish just like you say , just depresses me when I think that I could have maybe made it better , but I do not know how ,
    On the right hand side it should say Renault-Elf , not Elf-Renault so that needs changing tomorrow I have no energy left today that helmet killed me off lol ,
    I absolutely hate making helmets with a passion ,
    Only made it for Karina , and I think that might be my last one :)

    Loads of people ask me about skinning cars and how to do it and the techniques involved , I always recommend starting with Helmets lol ,
    That will soon put you off , One day before I retire I hope to be at least half as good as ML , then I will be happy chappy :thumbsup:
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  14. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Dont underestimate yourself but in the same time dont expect to please everyone.
    And i am telling you,i am not easy pleased by others work,as i am not with mine as i allways find something to redone or remake...Its an ongoing proccess.
    Perfect,never but close and good,yes.
    I`ll just leave it here as we cool down and its for the best.
    Have fun and i`ll watch your future work on the skins as i did before.
  15. How do you make the pictures over at AC large when you click on them ,
    Phil sent me a picture his goes large like on RD , I upload sometimes stupid sizes 4.9mb and still nothing totally dead ?
  16. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    It doesnt work at AC forum
    i dont know why because i dont understand Web related work,maybe @Bram Hengeveld can have an answer,even if its not about his :"home" (RD)
  17. Phil just sent me a script or something might as well been speeking spanish lol,

    When AC Devtools are released then maybe I get a little more respect building my own cars all the audio , textures physics , then maybe you like my work a little more , I made this for rFactor 2 and did all the textures and model parts but the ISI community are not very helpful so I lost interest going to release it for AC:thumbsup:
    I Had about 15 oictures I lost them only have this one

    BTCCST 3.jpg
  18. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    PM sent
  19. The face in the other picture looked funny at that angle m8 , cs6 went funny again , I have to restart my PC about 15 times a day because it will not rotate 360x360 , only flat 360 on the plane , and I was lazy so just made do with that other picture , but the part you see in the car is perfect I made sure of that :thumbsup:
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