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T junction

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by fxs, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. fxs


    Hi, how can i do this junction with curved corners using only 2 tracks ?


    i think to use cross-section for this, but i dont know how.
    someone can explain me with pic of projects, please ?

    thanks !!!
  2. fxs


    thanks wixi !!!

    well, lot of work in photoshop now :p
  3. Wixi, that stage you have there, it's done 100% in BTB? or you have any method to import there from Max?

    If it is done 100% in BTB, I see great textures there and new Xpacks? wich they aren't in BTB home page.

    If you want or if you are able to upload it for the community use, whe apreciate it so much!

    Your work is soo great :wink2:

    Have a nice day.
  4. yes, 100% in BTB. that is a test track of 200m.
    we publish also xpack, but it does not contain everything from our project.

    export for rbr:

    btb track > export rfactor
    open in 3dsimed > export 3ds
    open in 3dsmax > export x files
    open wallaby > export to rbr

    the answer will give lamda, i can unfortunately no English.
  5. Wixi, look so great in BTB :) Great work.
    Im so interested in those Xpacks :)
  6. Me too !

    And also some quick tutorial would be nice. Thanks guys
  7. you must specified much more, than i will help. We havn´t time to write down a good tutorial (remember, we start at june 2008 and no track is done). Maybe at the end we worked fore waste, because we are not understand right the technique of softshadow (only wally can do). Some other parts are not complete clear, so we can only help for special questions. At the moment i help delu77, how i can. At some parts, i don´t remember complete, we test many things of it in autum last year. Maybe you can ask delu77, he test actualy something.
    For good texture, you need a good base texture and many knowledge of Photoshop. there is wixi the crack :D .

    Much of the the good track are good textures (they are difference from others). We will not publish special objects (houses or so on). On inquiry we will give some more, but with condition to change the look. It makes no sense, if special german objects or other textures will be used for example a australian track. Please understand.

    You can ask all here in the forum, i look many times daily in to it. But i can only help for RBR trackbuilding souroundings, 3dsmax,some about photoshop and some about wallaby. BTB is not my part (maybe in the future).

  8. Another Objects location and performance test ...

    Its only 200 meters "track", I only to try some things, nothing important :wink2:

    Something similar to Wixi, but in "worst" quality, huuuh ...



    Track download:


    Have a nice day.

    Have a "nice" fun :laugh2:
  9. looks good, for some Tjunktions it will be ok, but in real live, everyone cuts a little bit the edges.

    your mesh should have always same polygone size. we standardised the mesh completly. it is better if you want change your textures later.

    it look, you have use the peoples from pribram stage, please ask vaclav before release a own track with some of his work.

  10. I don't understand wixi... did you make use of terrain for roadsides textures or you add new nodes to track cross-section ? And I suppose roads are not merged together, so just have been put very close, instead of polygons overlapping of one track over the other like zelaieta picture with wireframe on... me, I have redone some of my junctions in max, but it's very time consuming, I will give it a try.
  11. the green marked mesh are not weld to the red mesh. this will be done in 3dsmax. but for game it is not nessesary to weld. in original game it was not always.

    the marked parts show you the textur parts. He create only quadratic texture parts or the half of it. so you can combinated it sometimes.

  12. Lamda, I download that Xpack from a forum or something like that ...
    I don't know who is the author of this Xpacks.

    I know Vaclav, no problem :wink2: