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Cameras T-cam (offset) fixed movement 1.1

T-cams for all cars

  1. msc9456-f1 submitted a new resource:

    T-cam(offset) fixed movement - T-cams are fixed to all the cars. besides,i also made a little improvement on thefollowing cars

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  2. hiya is there any chance of having the t-cam in the centre rather than offset? or could you tell me how? thanks in advance
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    @msc9456-f1 for future updates please update the excisting resource file instead of posting a new one please. Thanks :)
  4. Please someone help me ! My sauber is completely black now !!
  5. No every car is black !! Help help help !
  6. yeah, first u need to turn the xml file to txt file (needs BINXML). open the cam.txt file,found this line <View type="Mounted" ident="bonnet" reverseCamera="head-cam_reverse" hidden="false" spectator="false" useInSplitScreen="false" renderParticlesBeforeGrass="false" transitionType="switch" transitionSpeed="0.0000" transitionStrength="0.0000">
    (T-cam on the centre)

    then found <CorneringForces> <GroundBumpinessForces> <SlipStreamingForces>
    <AccelerationForces> <RevvingForces> <VehicleDamageForces> <ShakeOnBrakingLimitForces> <ShakeOnTyreSlipForces> <ShakeOnTyreLateralSlipForces>
    change all the lines of "value=true" to "value=false"
  7. sry... i didn't notice that
  8. how can we edit the cameras in split screen???? the ones they put this year are horrible...
  9. sry,but now i couldn't find my last version in my version history....could u tell me where has it gone..
  10. it doesn't make sense...
  11. thanks mate
  12. Thank you for these cams! Saved me some effing around editing cam files for casual use of all teams, great work!
  13. Have u solved the problem? try to copy it to ur F1 2013 folder again....i thought my cams file is ok..
  14. How can i have this t-cam on the center?

    I tried what you said a few posts ago, but i didn't understand, i tried but nothing changed.
  15. if u just want to fix movement, i can do that for u and post cam files
  16. a Must-have mod for 2013! :D any plans for classic cars?
  17. Hey I'm kinda new to these mods.. So how should I install them? I just putted them into the f1 2013 folder but it doesnt change anything :/. Can someone help me? Thank you.