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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by SwaggerJacker, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Too slow to race online. Did a 1.36.7 at Vallelunga in the Gallardo with the stock setup, and found that people were runnung in the 1.32's. 4+seconds. That's amazing. :confused:There are some extremely good drivers out there. Hat off to you guys! :thumbsup:

  2. Yes, but they're not driving with the default setup; the fast guys are fast because they're into figuring out optimum setups for each track. That's all well and good - it's the way racing is done in the real world.

    I wish there was a contingent who wanted to compare only driving ability - everyone using the same setup, like the IROC formula. That would be a different approach, one that would allow driving ability alone to make the difference.
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  3. Which gallardo?
  4. Actually, it was a 1.36.8 in the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. I really like the car. It feels good, balanced. I just need to find setups, or figure out my own.
  5. The Sim is really amazing. The cars don't all "feel" the same. To think I had planned to skip this sim.:confused:

  6. The Gallardo is a ripped mod using Audi physics from another game. Another user "made" an R8...another ripped mod. The car is way too fast, way too much grip. It should be very difficult to get 1:33s in the GT2 cars provided by Kunos...the GT3s with lesser tyres should struggle to even reach 1:35 with accurate not "alien-and-don't-care-about-tyre-wear" driving style.

    I fail to see why this thread is titled "syrup."
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  7. I drive slow as syrup. Thank you for your response.

  8. ah. Clever.
  9. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    I've heard that Molasses knows how to stick it into a corner, while Caramel has one of the smoothest styles out there. No wonder you're a bit runny off the pedals if you're driving like syrup. :roflmao:
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  10. Very creative!:thumbsup:

  11. Tuomas Saarinen

    Tuomas Saarinen

    No. Fast guys are fast because they're fast guys. :alien:

    Sure, you can squeeze a few tenths out of an already quick lap with the right setup, but do not make the mistake of thinking that the setup or the ability to find the right one(which varies from driving style to another anyway), is the deciding factor here. It's all about the driving... talent, practice, mindset, precision and consistency.

    Oh and I'm not one of them, I just know this. :cool:
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  12. I
    I believe it's both in equal parts. Some are super talented and are from another planet. Setups are extremely important. Of course the setup has to match your style. But physics are physics, and that's what setups are all about. Talent can test the laws of physics, but it cant change them. I'm finding lately that I'm faster than I thought I could be, but I don't have the patience to practice more than I currently do. I've been tweaking a setup with the 458 GT2. The setup alone gained me almost 1.5 seconds. The practice (which included emulating someone else's racing line), another 1.4 seconds.

    Still, there are others that are seconds faster than me (of course) but some I believe have very good setups and are way more talented. I agree with you in regards to precision and consistency, that is where talent comes to the fore. Many people can be one lap wonders. In conclusion, IRL no driver is going to win races without setting up his/her car. Quickness =Talent and physics.

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  13. There's one way to get to the facts regarding this: Arrange a race in which the setup is enforced to be identical for all drivers.
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  14. You have good and bad tennisplayers, you have good and bad simdrivers.

    With Tennis, it's easy to spot why someone is better than you. He has better ball control, hits harder, runs faster and problaby makes fewer mistakes. All these things are expressed very clearly in points.

    Summarizing: everyone understands what the difference between a good and a bad player are.

    Now, let's turn to (sim)racing. You practice your ass of for days to learn that some guys online are 3 seconds (i.e lightyears) ahead of you. How is this possible?!! How can this be, when you know you are on the very very limit at every braking zone and in every turn. Surely they must have access to a secret that is not known to you. Cheating would be unlikely, so, problaby it is the setup. No way they would be so fast with your setup.

    Guess what: wrong. In Tennis we could see what makes a good player. But can we in sim-racing? What makes you faster? Is it really braking that late, hanging on to your life at every corner?

    From my experience, as well as from competing against the world's fastest drivers in iRacing, people (myself included) rarely understand the technique of going fast. Sure, we all take a turn outside-inside-outside. But there are so many more subleties, so many more parameters that make a difference. I believe the secret aliens have is most and foremost understanding the simple fact 'how to go fast'.

    Second, they have the ability to actually do with the car what they have in mind.

    Third, and least important, they usually spend time perfectioning their setup, commonly with equallyfast drivers in 'teams'.

    Concluding I can only offer one advice: analyse your own driving and win tenths, if not seconds.

    Two beginners tips often overlooked:
    1) watch a replay of your lap. Do you really use every micrometer of the track at entry, apex and exit?

    2) when you have established the absolute latest point where you can brake snd make the turn, now force yourself to brake 5 metres earlier and see your laptime improve significantly.
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